March Data

The analysis was performed by the "Baikal" (Kiev,), specializing in supplying various kinds of veneers and is designed for professionals working in the field of production and supply of veneer, as well as companies use the veneer of its production. Veneer and scope following the old truth that a repetition of the mother of learning to remember what is veneer and what use he has in the industry. Veneer – a material in the form of thin sheets of wood obtained: – peeling short logs (peeled veneer) – planing sticks (sliced veneer) – Cut (sawn veneers). Scope of veneer is very wide: construction, furniture, manufacturing of various wooden instruments and products. Internet as a tool for market research veneer Many companies involved in the production and sale of veneer important data about the demand for a particular type of veneer. It is also important to know how effective might be different supply chains veneer. As is well known web today is one of the most popular sales channels. The aim of our study, using the Internet, receive and analyze information about potential markets veneer.

These data can and should be used to analyze the situation and development of various management decisions. Demand for veneer according to the Internet In order to obtain the necessary data on demand using opportunities offered by search engine Analysis was carried out in March 2008. As a subject of study chosen veneer. Objective: to find out what kinds of veneers are most in demand.