Mechatronics Engineering

I’ve done several evaluations online between Government and private advisors pages and adding my points is never the same. Please Help Me! Receipt this question frequently and is no wonder. Calculate the score seems simple but it is more than a simple sum of numbers. Let’s see some sutilidades of the score for Quebec skilled workers program. Education is the factor which gives more points (until 28) and is also the most complex. There are two ways to have points with education, one with the level of studies and the other with their area of studies. For the score of the level of education no matter what has been studied nor when.

A university degree (Bachelor’s or undergraduate depending on your country) gives 10 points, a level postgraduate specialization, master’s or doctorate gives 12 points, a technical degree of three years gives 8, a technical or vocational degree in one or two years (so-called secondary professional in Quebec) gives 6 and a Bachelor’s degree gives 2 points. The score of the education factor is then easy of determine unless it has a technical diploma. First and foremost because it is not always obvious know if your diploma corresponds to a technical or NFL Jerseys China vocational degree. It requires calculating the number of semesters studied and the number of hours of class. Also if your technical or vocational degree gives 12 or 16 points to factor area studies (for example a plumber, welder or mechanic technician in aviation grade) you will need 10 points ray ban outlet by their level of studies.There are over 100 races that can give 6, 12 or 16 Videos additional points for area studies factor score.

Determine whether your career is one of those which give points is a challenge itself since many races do not have Canada exact equivalence. For example in Canada does not exist the Mechatronics Engineering; mechanical engineering 6 points and electronic engineering da 0 points. Marketing does not exist as such in the selection table; Administration Yes and gives 6 points while communication, which appears to the marketing, gives 0. Even though the race has the same name is not obvious. We must make sure that materials Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses correspond and that the number of hours cheap MLB Jerseys studied is similar to the same race in Canada. For example, someone who has studied welding at the Cecati trades Institute located in Mexico hardly will have 12 points of a welder in Quebec because there will probably studied until 1355 hours. The demands of the Cheap Jerseys From China Quebec Ministry of education for graduation from welder are 1800 hours or 4 semesters. A parenthesis: even though in this case it would be difficult to have the points would not be impossible. In a similar situation one could e.g. argue that professional experience can compensate for the lower number of hours of studies. Once it was determined that his career will give you additional points you must meet other criteria. You must be a graduate less than five years ago, and if not, must have worked at least one year in their area of studies within the past five years. are still confused? Don’t worry, up to immigration professionals both consultants and lawyers and Government officials get confused sometimes when they don’t take the time verify their diplomas and their subjects carefully. So don’t worry if doing multiple assessments come out different scores.