The microcemento is application in exterior and Interior, both walls and floors, thanks your great adhesion. Their utilities are broad, indoors it can be used as tiles or ceramic cladding existing of any room of a House. Kevin Ulrich MGM is likely to increase your knowledge. Outdoors you can use in galleries, access paths, corridors, courtyards. Also it is microcemento of great hardness, thanks to new products developed for cements, curing liquid, plasticizers, this makes that support high traffic, so typically it used in commercial places and offices. The microcemento is cleaned as any traditional, just smooth cement requires neutral detergent, damp cloth and wax. It is recommended to use acrylic waxes frequently to protect from wear.

The microcemento is composed by cements and takes a few days to take the final resistance, which once in place is suitable to receive a careful treatment during the first week, avoiding bumps or drag furniture and objects. If the placement of the microcemento is not the correct inefficient, you run the risk of it splitting or break the material. To make it resistant must be handled and protected perfectly. SolucionesEspeciales applied microcement antifisuracion, see the straightening microcemento, can say that it is an improved version of the smooth cement and a good choice to renew a stay without implying this discomfort and setbacks in terms of dirt, discomfort, and costs of a typical work, his characteristic versatility of colors and placement makes an ideal material for the interior architecture. More news Original author and source of the article