Planned Parenthood Recepient of US Tax Dollars

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which is one of the many chains of abortion clinics and also the world’s largest, had a branch in Trujillo, some years ago, called CENPROF. Bill Clinton gave hundreds of millions of dollars to these entities, as Katherine Seelyey based, however during the governments of W. Bush lost the state funding, but they have been returned by Obama the first day of this year, which means again the dance of hundreds of millions of dollars to promote abortion in the world.The intense campaigns to decriminalize Abortion, for distribute the pill, to lie, to get allies at all levels, has its origin, support and funding in these funds and millionaires who joined other leading organizations, such as IPAS, the largest manufacturers of Wholesale NFL Jerseys medical instruments, surgical and chemical in the Abortion Industry.

Who loses? Carlos Polo Samaniego, tracking the business of morning-after pill in Peru, has discovered that the Hungarian company Gadeon-Richter, Shering buy the formula and introduces FARMAGE Peru through a new company set up only to import and market these pills (unusual case, since companies similar market several products and not just one) and the General Manager of the company, Julio Zavala owner of 99.9% stake, also chairs an NGO called LEARN, organization “nonprofit,” which promotes the need to include the Pill as a public health policy, so Farmage promote your business, an institution with much eagerness to profit, and many lobbyists around him, managed to work effectively in 2001, by RM 399 SA, good deal, you just terminated by the sovereign decision of the TC. And the gynecologist? Carlos Polo, wrote that Schering logo is the same as FLASOG (Latin American Federation of Societies of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and that while this is not so bad … if it is NFL Jerseys Cheap the fact that its executives are receiving paltry perks, like trips, dinners, books, interviews and some of them converted into ardent supporters of the morning-after pill and the abortion of the Policy Transnational, serving Ministers of technical advisers and even more clueless using fraudulent scientific information when saying or writing on the ray ban sale subject … TC has ignored the fallacies of these consultants and has uncovered and decided Cheap Jordans in doubt for Life and clearly marked in the field of business, money on one side and a science fair, on the other, in an effort to give back cheap nfl jerseys to this, his ethical approach … but what is clear is that there are a lot of money involved, and that basically it is a clash between values and Dollars, between Money and Morals, everyone chooses, because the struggle will continue.