POP Protocol

With cheap fake oakleys the help of a special program you are preparing a letter and put it in a folder for outgoing messages. So you may prepare any number of letters. After that you connect to Post Office, which is located on a computer service provider, Internet, and exchanging email. You send your letter prepared and came to get your e mail it to a folder for incoming mail, is located on your computer. Then you look at who came to the mail.

If you would like to respond to any letter, then prepare a response and put it in the outbox folder. Transfer letters from the post office jordans for cheap on the Internet is carried out without your involvement. However, remember that letter, after all, gets to the recipient's post office, and if the recipient was able to get it, he needs to connect to your post office. It should be noted that sending and receiving mail – a completely different actions performed on the basis of different protocols. 기대출과다자추가대출 To send e-mail messages Cheap Jerseys using the protocol SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and for ray ban outlet the reception of received mail protocol used POP3 – Post Office Protocol (Protocol Post Office). Recently, for the receipt of mail is sometimes used more sophisticated protocol IMAP. This protocol allows manage a mailbox on the ISP server, so you do not have to rewrite all received messages on their computer. E-mail cheap oakleys can also be implemented using another service Internet – WWW, which is gradually becoming the most popular service.