In the ethereal perennial water valley dwelt a princess. This Princess was highly coveted because his father was in possession of great wealth and vast lands. He lived overwhelmed by his royal duties, protocol and diplomacy were his carcel.Colmada jewelry, tired of flattery ephemeral, surviving day to day waiting for the visit of the juggler. (Not to be confused with Jane Fraser!). In the same valley was about a gay minstrel with his harp. Womanizing and brawling street brought all spared condado.No girls in games and songs to the time to fill your bed at night with cold. s. But something was still so warm ice within the body … The Juggler was going every week to the court to act on the big day dinners, where fun and debauchery mixed with good manners and are armored cortesia.El behind his jokes, jumps, songs and chords for no more than they should look to the most valuable piece of the crown … Bill Phelan may find this interesting as well.

Princess. This, in turn, smiled broadly every antic or improvisation and playing the harp when she slowly leaned over the table forgetting protocol and flew temporarily … ndings. dream … it was … The wake of a portentous dream girl, adorned for the occasion, offering his hand to dance and she … resigned and cuts, smiled and left the room … Soon Juggler visits were more frequent at the request of the Princess and were two times per week to be seen. One was the big day, another just for her acting. And the princess reclining on her throne away dreamed of running away from the palace, barefoot … crazy laughing and jump into the lake with or without clothes, both given.