South Sanitary

Front to these constataes, Silveira et al., (2007) evidences the importance of a fiscalization and has controlled bathroom, but they Cheap Jerseys From China alert that when searching improvement of the income with the agroindustrializao must be had the care so that the familiar group is prepared to face a competitive market. The authors still raise questionings on which legislation would be necessary to take care of to a universe so differentiated of production as in the case of the AFRs. As they demonstrate Silveira and Zimermann (2004), this sanitary legislation was thought from a epistmica base supported large-scale of production and great interval enters production and consumption. Such epistmica base is contradictory to the reality of the AFRs, where the small scale of production and the priority of local markets are the hegemonic reality. Inside nfl jerseys china of this context, proposals of social, alternative validation appear to the process of legal validation.

For legal validation, the endorsement of the public power is understood, through the services of sanitary inspection and sanitary monitoring, based in rules 한잔️ of law, represented for the consumer for authorizations, stamps and licenses. For social validation, we understand the joint of the different involved agents in the production distribution consumption of one determined product, norms constructed socially that they establish standards and that saw control social is fiscalized. These appear to the consumer, through stamps, systems of certification and marks that represent commitment of that the established norms are being fulfilled and that, therefore, this food can be consumed based in trustworthiness enters the actors of a net of production-distribution-consumes (SILVEIRA, et al., 2007, p.5). In this direction, it fits to detach research carried through for Neumann et al., (2006), carried wholesale nfl jerseys through with consumers of the region center of the Rio Grande Do Sul, that enclosed wholesale football jerseys consumers of the city of Saint Maria and Cachoeira of the South, regional centers of consumption and the cities of the Fourth fake ray bans Colony.