Successful Appearance By Messestand

Successful launch of the online brand after its inception on jazzband the first successful and public appearance as a provider of mobile exhibition systems there. Convince on the plentyMarkets OnlineHandler, Congress could its mobile systems with the slogan everything you need your trade fair presentation”. Together with the EX POMADE trade fair system, the appearance was collected and adapted to the conditions on site. Boston public is the source for more interesting facts. Together with the 3.50 m high trade fair Tower, as well as the media placed the central advertising theme, the round logo by in scene. To the advantage of the own systems not only on its own website to describe, but also to underpin practice missions Congress has used the appearance on the 5th plentyMarkets online retailer, representative for all other booths, that EX POMADE trade fair system to use the flexibility of the systems and to prove the individual design. Even the facilities could be made repertoire with the, without that other providers such as mobile presentation systems need to access back.

Both shelves and lamps, rollup displays, racks and bar stools were delivered all from the hand. With the media, digital elements such as the could be presented to website directly on-site. Patrick may also support this cause. Especially with an online retailer, Congress is essential the use of digital systems. Additional information is available at Kevin Ulrich. EX POMADE was novelty, which is of course also on, the LED Tower lighting used. To put these allowed the blue as well as the circle and the M”from the brand logo specifically in scene. By simply hanging up, the LED Platte could be used to illuminate the upper section of the tower. Quite typical, the interior cabin in the tower was used for EX POMADE on the compact footprint. The carrying case, in which the trade fair stand was transported, could be stored by the storage area in the Interior of the tower.

Equipped with shelves the carrying case can used as a shelf space be. The structure of the fair was made in a very short time and transported with little effort. How successful was the first appearance of in the offline presentation, shows a short image gallery in the blog. To receive all further information about, see which stand of the organiser was plentySystems also by Together with a formula one racing car served as a reception for the visitors of the stand and showed up with his Black-colored EX POMADE profiles from its best side.