The Conflict In The Team – Evil Or Good ?

In today's business world, team building training is becoming more and more popular. Increasingly, they are used in order to properly manage conflicts in the NFL Jerseys Cheap team. But in order to ensure that such training is given positive results, it is important cheap jordans online to correctly formulate the problem. In formulating a request, the leaders are often asked to reduce the number of conflicts in your team. Managers view the conflict as something detrimental for effective team work, and believe that differences between the team members must be rectified immediately. However, to avoid differences in interests, perceptions, information and clients preferences, especially with teams that have long working together is impossible! Moreover, the conflict can be extremely beneficial when they are properly managed.

The conflict is reminiscent of cholesterol: it can be good and bad. Most tries follow special diets to lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart attacks. But without the good cholesterol the cheap nfl jerseys body also can not function properly. What we fear most of all – it is a conflict in teams bad properties: betrayal, slander, evil speech, denial of guilt, gossip, and unwillingness to listen. A good type of conflict (the principal controversy, saying the different views in the search for truth), which characteristic of teams with high levels of activity, unfortunately, is present in teams is not always the case. Some team leaders are proud that cheap oakleys their team is never a conflict. But I think that these are have their teams a disservice. So on the one hand, the conflict that is not managed properly, could lead to hostility, low level of activity and sometimes to the disintegration of the team.

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