The Relationships

Photo or logo used. Description that you will place your business establish the message that you take. That type of content brindaras. Customizing the page. And so on. Creates a plan ray ban sunglasses sale thinking about everything and put it into action. 4 Relationship with your audience created because we know that social networks are a means to communicate, interact and create a community around our brand, business, service or product where the main aim must be, establish a relationship with an audience interested in what you have.

Many tell me that his interest is not to establish a relationship, but what they want is to sell more. Because my answer is through the relationships you get more sales because people prefer to buy who they know and trust, that unknown that they just want to sell them. And when you establish a relationship not only trust you but would you recommend. (This brings more customers.) How do you get to establish that relationship? The answer is simple, generate quality content and that your potential customers appreciate as well. The key is give them what you are looking for, that it is valuable information that will generate a relationship of trust, that will lead to sales. Remember the base, you are in a SOCIAL network, and you have to socialize before selling.

Obviously not everything can be free as these to do Ray Ban Outlet business, so is that the information that you Jejak give must be so interesting, that generate action in your potential customers, whether a purchase, register in your newsletter, become a fan of your page, etc. To establish this relationship can: offer some exclusive gift only for people who follow you in any social network. EJ. Facebook create contests where discount football jerseys people can win some gifts by watering your message with your friends. Respond cheap jerseys china to your questions. Ask questions to analyze the market.