Vision Information Society Development

For his part, Giddens suggests that the current society is built under new schemes – such as tradition or custom – but they are no longer possible and in any place It is therefore uncertain. Around the crisis of identity, notes that it is to live more openly to cheap jerseys wholesale understand the rapid changes in globalization are conceived, designed as a violation against people not necessarily destructive. Finally, Castells who has studied the concept of nation-state, argues the contrary, that the power of those has MEdia not disappeared but is in places difficult to identify, because the global cheap jerseys wholesale networks of financial power have caused the change. The power was in specific physical places and now in the network society is manifested in the human mind through codes and symbols reflected in cheap jerseys wholesale a communication system. Further, as a result of the interaction of human interventions in many places interconnected at high speeds it is impossible to control these networks. Under these different looks of the oakley womens sunglasses new trends the future looks more likely to cheap football jerseys understand their risks, but crecidamente uncertain, the present and rapidly changing constantly shooting ranges moments and the past no longer evokes the historical or memory. Then, this tension leaves open questions such as: Are there universal values crisis? In social otherness? "The contemporary world is no longer possible to discern from the social sciences by the tendency to recombinant and eclecticism on ephemeral purpose of virtual communities? Vision Information Society Development of society today is the result of the transformation of information into economic value and social symbol that critical mass organized as new industries, more jobs for teleworking and optimizes the lifestyle of society as a whole.