Walter Mignolo

All we handled, in first instance, our native language of oral way; nevertheless, and in spite of it, it is frequents the ignorance of the NFL Jerseys Cheap grammar that governs this language. At the time of communicating to us orally, many factors take part in this communication (although not always they guarantee that we pruned indeed to communicate to us, that is to say, that our message arrives as we thought to the interlocutor). Between those factors, we can mention the context in which this communication takes place (can be that all the participants of the communicative situation are present; that it is via telephone, that is an audience, etc.), the paralingsticos elements (gestures, modal, gestures; everything what it accompanies the linguistic content), the intonation that we give that content (will be different if it is an interrogation, an affirmation, a desire, an order, etc.), the competitions on which we counted like linguistic beings and, as well, those of our receivers (we understand by competition, those knowledge that we own and that enter operation at the moment at which we pronounced ourselves. Not always generally, almost never we shared the same knowledge and jordans for cheap on it, it will depend then, the communication degree that we pruned to establish), among others. The oralidad, in addition, ray ban outlet allows us to correct while we spoke to us, to retract to us, to explain better what we want to communicate. Quite the opposite takes place when we were in front of a written text, like writers or readers. The writing remains and we are enslaved what we have printed under the letter, in terms of the theoretician Walter Mignolo, under tyranny of the alphabet. Therefore, when we wrote is necessary to consider different aspects from our language and like thus also of Cheap Ray Bans the grammar studies that it at least, in order that our communicative intention, always from the place of the emitter (since we cannot give by seated who will be our reader), it is shaped, or, arrives at destiny Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses from the way is transparent more and correct in grammar terms.