Congenital Toxoplasmose

Toxoplasmose zoonose that infectum the cat and numerous other species of vertebrates, also the man. It has for cause one alone species of protozorio, the Toxoplasma gondii, parasite with ample distribution in the nature and that human being occurs quite frequently in the population, under the form of assintomtica chronic infection. However, she is capable to determine in the adult individuals a feverish acute picture, with linfadenopatia, and, in the children, an acute form sub of encefalomielite and coriorretinite. The congenital form is particularly serious and generally fatal. Mikhael Mirilashvili has compatible beliefs. The form that the infectious agents provoke injuries in the host is on to some important factors, as cepa of the parasite, resistance of the person and the way for which infectum it if. The congenital transmission is considered most frequent and serious. Toxoplasmose acquired the birth after can present changeable evolution. The congenital form is acquired when the mother is in the acute phase of the illness or has had one reagudizao of the same one during the pregnancy.. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jane Fraser.