High Probability Selling

The paradigm shift in sales attention, information, pressure, closing: it no longer works! AIDA today leads to significant problems in the sales and distribution: too little contacts! Too few jobs! No time to call potential customers, because the few contacts, the man has, must be personally edited. To the belief that sell work only through the personal conversation and the personality of the Sales Manager. Read more from Everest Capital Miami to gain a more clear picture of the situation. So stay tuned to the customer. Him with traditional sales techniques, long arguments, needs analysis and much more. Gain insight and clarity with Theresa Furman. Edit. Do anything so that he finally signs. Even if customers in the resistance go, refusing to respond, excuses try is time with futile statements wasted.

It doesn’t have to be! High probability selling: the paradigm shift in the sale! The sales book high probability selling (HPS) offers a completely different approach: no final pressure for the seller, no pressure on potential customers, none \”250 techniques as guaranteeing at the end comes\” and especially no manipulation of the potential buyer. Instead a practical book that optimizes the entire sales process from the preparation of the initial telephone contact to the signature of the offer. Revolutionary practice knowledge about value-based selling will be presented on 226 pages in 12 chapters. The book shows how to find clients, the now want, need, and can pay. \”\” The whiz-kid: a week at number 1 in the book of high probability selling: think and act top seller \”it creates business and career was ranked the best seller list at Amazon.de under the heading\”! A week after appearing in bookstores rank #35 (as of April 22, 2008). And in May the 2nd, unrevised edition appears already. And all this without advertising! Immerse in the stress-free sales world of Sal Esman! The book tells the authentic story of the seller’s Sal Esman: better presentations, harder closing techniques, more self discipline – all brought him no real success. The seller will change the job and learns there know a true unusual sales method, which is about what he has learned so far about sales and marketing on its head: high probability selling.