Ford Motor Company

Car Brand Ford>> known to the world since the beginning of last century, however as its logo. The oval shape of the logo is in the hearts of some people's sense of trust and love not only the brand of cars Ford>>, but also to a distinctive style life. The first logo was created by an assistant of Henry Ford in 1903 – the early years of the company. Name Cheap Football Jerseys brand of the car on the logo as it soared, the mamym offering not stay in place and move forward. You may Убить want to visit Pinterest to increase your knowledge. Logo in the style of art nouveau>>.

1903-1906 The company did not stand still and sure steps moving forward. In 1909, the trade mark Ford>> was finally registered in the Patent Office of the United States of America. In the period from 1909 to 1927 years, the logo has undergone some Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses changes, until in 1928, saw the light of the well-known to all the blue oval. 1909 logo orange or blue cheap football jerseys in the shape of a triangle with wings. 1912 Blue Oval. 1928-1976 In 1976 it was decided cheap jerseys china to use the logo of blue color with silver letters on all cars lineup Ford>>, thus were calculated to raise awareness of cars around the world. 1976-2003 In 2003 the company Ford Motor Company>> celebrated its centennial. In honor of the holiday logo acquired a more modern look. Today the modern logo carmaker Ford Motor Company>> is one of the largest U.S. companies and cheap ray bans takes 12 place in the list of the world's largest corporations.