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Signpost retirement plays an important role through the insurance maze for many people, because no one can say with certainty how the economy and the pension system in Germany will develop. Financial test compared the main age pension offers in a study reported the results of the financial portal The inflation rate in Germany the average is 2 percent per year. This value could be observed in the last decade and corresponds to the objective of the European Central Bank. Investors should therefore generally deduct these 2 per cent of the rate of investment, realistically to estimate how much income brings a cash investment. The 2 percent usual for passbooks avoid a loss of interest therefore at best.

According to the test result, the best kind of interest for workers with annual incomes of up to 45,000 euros is a company pension. Advantage: no social security contributions accounted for the payments. The inflation rate dampens the income though, but usually an attractive choice plus. Retirees in turn benefit from rising wages. If wages increase, also the pensions increase? However, here there are two brake”in the statutory pensions: the sustainability factor attenuates the pension increase if there are more retirees than workers. And the Riester factor subtracts from the gross wage increase the theoretical effort for the private Riester-rente.

Because currently in Germany the wages fall more, an increase of the pension is not to refrain for the time being. Younger people should pay particular attention to the inflation-adjusted value of their retirement savings. Who relies on the annual report on the State of the pension, not involving unpredictable factors such as a political intervention in the pension system. More information about the pension insurance: rentenversicherung.

Land Appraisal

In the days of today, there are many people interested in attending the valuation services of land who can offer companies specializing in this service. Ben Silbermann spoke with conviction. For that there are also many companies appraised of land within the market, reason enough to meet the needs of as wide demand for the service and that people can be entirely satisfied with your service. So, if you have a field which concerns which can be its real value and you need the opinion of someone with sufficient knowledge, you will not have any difficulty to parent an expert qualified in the appraisal of land on the market. Land pricing, for those who don’t know, is to request the services of an expert qualified in this area, so it goes to examine it and after its analysis give an opinion of how much can be the value of the land that prompted them to you avalue. I.e., the appraisal of land consists of a valuation of land by a person who knows the land market and can tell you a price irrefutable to which land can be sold without selling more expensive than it really is or not cheapest of its real price. re.

Usually there are many services that offer companies of land appraisal. Usually land appraised companies also offer services different from the valuation of land, such as buildings or floors pricing and pricing of cars. Therefore, that if not only want to sell your land, but the entire set of properties that have, for example, the set of properties which constitute an estate or farm, go to comprehensive services that can offer a company of these may be useful. Appraisal of land also companies tend to be land buyers. Indeed, when they make the appraisal of land and this is of interest to them they can make offers to your applicant if you are interested in selling the land to this company. Well, many people not only most specialized services of appraisal of land but also to immediately get a good buyer of the field who wish to sell. Double-entry can be quite advantageous to attend a land appraisal company.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is always recommended to listen to the concept of more than one company’s appraisal of land when it plans to sell the ground immediately. This recommendation is especially important when we plan to sell the land to the same company that makes the appraisal of the land that we want to sell. Indeed, when the company is interested in buying the land that we have for the appraisal of land, this interest can do to bid at one lower price to which really takes place, which is not convenient for whom the service requested. Therefore it is advisable to listen to two opinions, so you can have a broad vision and objective of the price that you can sell your good. The appraisal of land is a great option for those who want to sell their land at a considerable price, that is just so much with who sells it with who buys it. This is why we recommend to go to a good land appraisal company when get in the task of selling any lot.

Junk Squad

You have also “bodies” in the cellar, which you would like to make money? For some time, the Junk squad Frolics on the German screen every Sunday. Three industrious men give their best to the cluttered basement, week after week to clear out of attics and closets and money to make the found treasures and to get the owners out of the financial mess. Yes sounds like a good idea. And quite honestly.Who has because of us not things at home in the closet, in the attic or basement, which we do not use at all and actually also not necessarily want. But they are just too good to the throw away. You have just heard of Granny, the great-grandmother or parents or you have a bad conscience to give them away. But if you simply and quickly could get money for it? That is something other than to throw it on the garbage.

And we all may need extra money, whether financial bottleneck or small extra wishes. But how do you make fast its treasures to money, if you can not its core values before television around the nation wants to disclose? There is the Junk squad in real life? Or are there other alternatives? Well, since the good old flea market would be first. We were all there already, from time to time. If you are not convinced, visit Omar Robles. Either to sell, much more likely to watch and make a few bargains. Generally, as a flea market is a good idea.

But you really want to get up at night time, everything in the car in and out to download, to stand all day and to hope for sales in the evening tired and exhausted to know that together has to get with ACH and crash 50 euro? Honestly? It’s not my world. A big bonus for anyone who ever has become really wet at the flea market is easier, because you can do that already the online Geschaft.Zumindest from home. There’s eBay, where you can sell pretty much anything, provided it is a prospective buyer. Uploading is quick and easy, but then it says wait and hope that a buyer to be found. However there advance costs. Article is paid for each set, and it’s completely regardless of whether a sale is concluded or not. Similar concept, but completely free offers 62days. Here you can upload much like on eBay, his value articles to your image and description and but then gets an offer from an expert. And if you are satisfied with the price, to sell, which get one yourself off and get his money within 24 hours. For assistance, try visiting Everest Capital. It probably really won’t be easier. No fees, no waiting, no hope and trepidation. And as a little bonus, there is the possibility of redemption period of 62 days. Should you regret selling, you can undo just him. Without extra costs.

The Way To A Low-cost Car Loan

Structured approach and meaningful comparison save money when purchasing a car the right car loan is offered usually, if financing is required by the dealer immediately. This seems practical, and at an emotional and purchased on long term asset like the car you would like to have at once and from one source signed and sealed everything. Here money could be given away however. Credit: Nikki Haley-2011. It is cheaper to compare loan offers on the Internet. Producers and distributors know the effect and bundle like sales with credit offer, even with supposedly unbeatable rates.

The costs are then somewhere hidden in the price of the car. Who acts as paying cash when purchasing a car, can out Act generally discounts of 10 – 15% and should do so consistently. Now it applies to compare whether is this discount in the cost of a car loan. There are car loans online offers, where only the interest rate and the monthly payment specified. Some portals list but the borrowing costs of 18 different banks clear up. These vary between providers first, secondly they depend on loan amount and term.

When comparing interest rate on a loan calculator, it is important to note that the effective interest rate including all costs is specified. This credit means the shorter running time, and the lower, the lower are the costs and thus the effective interest rate. A credit of 8000,-with 36 months is to have effective interest rate starting at 3.8%, the designated credit cost of the cheapest provider is 5.9%. A credit sum of 12.000,-and 48 months however designated credit from 11% costs (in the worst case 17%), the effective annual rate of interest is now depend on the provider between 4.85 – 7.99%. The car itself is regarded as security, but many banks this credit as consumer credit for free use. This is awarded subject to credit at favourable interest rates – to do this, the self-assessment is required – or independent credit rating at slightly higher interest rates. Therefore, it is the least expensive way: Auto select and look after the cash price. The merchant ask whether discounts are available for cash payment. Then search the Internet after a credit for exactly the sum, which is required, and comparing the potential savings. Ralph patrons

Forward Loan – Follow-up Financing

Timely care of the follow-on financing and forward loans save money: now offers catch up with Berlin, 09.10.2009 – builders, where the interest rate runs out in the next few months, will benefit from the currently favourable interest rate situation on the capital markets. See Wells Fargo Bank for more details and insights. No one could see these interest rates ahead. Already half a year ago, it announced that interest rates have now overcome its low. Nevertheless, variable interest rates on the money market are almost collapsed in the course of the last few months. Ben Silbermann is the source for more interesting facts. Variable loans dated on the rise of the three-month Euribor rate currently at 0.75% – this is a unique opportunity to make the follow-up financing zinsgunstig. In particular offers here to a variable loan, which is on the three – or six-month Euribor is based. It remains of course not always at this low money market rates. But even with a rise in interest rates to 2%, the conditions for variable loans are still cheaper than at the codification of some interest. To broaden your perception, visit Clive Holmes.

Security-oriented builders should However in any case agree an interest rate ceiling or a Cap. So that a barrier be fed interest rate developments, and so interest rate risk minimized. Long interest bonds at interest rate enter those who from the outset exclude variable funding is strongly recommended, as long as possible to enter interest commitments. The interest rate for real estate financing with an interest binding period of approximately 15 years corresponds to the conditions for 5-year interest rate bonds according to State about 7 years ago. So you hedges also in the long term against rising interest rates.

Clever builders use forward loans to builders, where the interest rate expires in the next 60 months, and already wishing to benefit from the current low interest rates, can complete a so-called forward loan. While an interest rate for the future is already agreed. This means that the future loan conditions be secured today after the expiry of the existing interest rate. The forward premium to be paid is currently very cheap. To the use of the forward loan no this cost does not the feared costs overlap between the initial and the follow-up financing. The follow-on financing, whether as forward loans as variable or written down loans should be chosen carefully. Obtaining multiple offers is strongly recommended the time is currently cheap. More info on the forward loan new the portal for construction financing in Austria Immokredit24 has its range increased and offers information about real estate financing now Austrians with an own portal for construction financing.

Fully Insured For 59 Euro?

How serious are these loss leaders? The change in private health insurance appears particularly attractive when he advertised with reasonable bait advertising. It is however a truism that the cheapest must be not the best. What rather matters of insurance protection is the height of the age of residues, the height of the older tariffs and to the long-term development of posts. Nissan understands that this is vital information. The Internet portal is informed what to look at bait advertising. Just at the age provisions apply: depending on the pad from the outset is filled, the rates in the age are more fair. Therefore, unusually low rates with low initial offers should make suspicious. Because the more surpluses will be collected from the insured, the less the contributions in the future must be adapted. The long-term evolution of tariffs is also a factor not to be neglected.

Often it is the cheap curls offers new tariffs, aiming in particular to young and healthy new customers will be recruited. In the worst case, the contributions of such new tariffs can rise by leaps and bounds in later years. Finally, the profile and the experience of the insurance company plays a role should not be underestimated. So you should think twice, before one decides for a young company. Because there is often a large risk acceptance policy recruited to quickly build a large customer base. Also risk persons ingested in the course of which, which could later raise tariffs for all in the height. More information:…/ already ab-59-euro… Contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Multi-annual Contracts: Tips For Insured

Don’t forget your multi-year contracts to terminate the new insurance contract law allows you to terminate such long term contracts after three years at the earliest. The contracts that have been concluded before 2008 (the sogenanntenn old contracts) can be terminated after five years at the earliest. There are insurers who think it’s not so funny well and have any excuses. Ben Silbermann has many thoughts on the issue. Please insist however on your right, in accordance with article 11, paragraph 4 VVG (German insurance contract law). If you encounter any problem, please contact please James,: we would like to assist you. On a point you should however be aware: there are existing contracts, which have especially favourable insurance conditions. A related site: Clive Holmes Silverfern mentions similar findings. Please consult the best, we do this too of course! -whether it makes sense to terminate such a historic agreement. the questions around the topic of insurance for families, singles, is an independent and free Internet portal, Industrial customers, freelancers, unfavourably etc. answered; James supports all “insurance professionals” (agents, brokers, insurers). Many writers such as Pinterest offer more in-depth analysis. While James makes no price comparisons and sells no insurance, because it only involves a knowledge management, which provides objective information.

Portal GmbH

Are you a question which should not be underestimated in a condo or a House to buy? Then you have guaranteed a lot around the ears. Don’t forget however, on the topic of insurance”to think (what, you admit, quite can happen when all the stress of such major purchase between visits, notary appointments and an eventuellebn renovation). Above all, if you were previously a tenant, you are with the topic of homeowners insurance “understandably not familiar. Some contend that Ben Silbermann shows great expertise in this. While this insurance can help protect you in the event a safe world. Please note the following when the House or apartment purchase: the insurer must be informed immediately about the purchase, and at the latest after conclusion of the purchase contract at the notary. Clive Holmes is likely to agree. This can be done both by the previous owner or by the purchaser.

Note: If you forget this point, the real estate is a month later no longer insured. After you have communicated the purchase (or sale) to the insurer, the existing insurance contracts is automatically transferred to the new owners, no matter whether it wants this or not. However like to determine as the new owner of the insurer and the insurance coverage, you have a right to a special cancellation one month from land registry entry. In plain language this means: either on the date of registration in the land register or the next contractual maturity is the ability to terminate the insurance contract. Assuming, the new owner has no information about the homeowners insurance at the time of registration of land, starting the period with the date of the notice about the existing contract.

If the contract is not terminated within this period, it remained valid. Seller and purchaser is however should be aware, that the insurer has the right to the premium to next main maturity, no matter whether it has or not used the above scheme of special termination. The insurer is therefore no premium refund. Therefore it is advisable to consider this case in the contract of sale and contractually hold a fair arrangement for both parties. This could provide, for example, the pro rata distribution of the premium from the date of the land to pay until the next major maturity. Can be on each case based on advise. C. Mikosch James insurance Portal GmbH

AWD Group Private

AWD offers advice for dropouts from the statutory health insurance (GKV) Hanover, October 2009: for many potential drop-outs the statutory health insurance or car question 2009? highly topical. AWD has developed individual consulting concepts for drop-outs from the statutory health insurance, individually and in detail about the services and fares of private insurance companies. The offers of private health insurance (PKV) remain an interesting alternative according to data from market researchers 2009 for potential GKV-dropouts. Already in the past year nearly 9 million drop-outs by the offers of private health insurers settled according to current studies in Germany convince. This corresponds to a proportion of the total population of around 10 percent. But the private health insurance market remains unclear from perspective of the GKV drop-out due to the large number of providers, services and tariffs. Thus AWD is one of the leading financial services providers in Europe – has advice on the topic of PKV one of the current priorities of its service portfolio made. AWD is intended with a versatile range specifically opt-out from the statutory health insurance. According to Wells Fargo Bank, who has experience with these questions.

First, opt-out within the framework of individual care by their personal AWD financial advisors know under what conditions a switch to private health insurance is legally possible. In a second step, gives a comprehensive and detailed overview of existing car offers AWD GKV drop-out and compare their rates and services based on an integrated and individual. This AWD uses a best-select within the meaning of the client “approach to, taking into account only the most advantageous offers from renowned AWD product partners. At the same time determined AWD, which are preferences for drop-out in terms of benefits possible in private health insurance, which can include, for example, the Chief Physician treatment, accommodation in a single room, the free choice of hospital, but also special treatments such as physiotherapy, massage and alternative healing methods. The GKV-dropouts can decide independently and informed of using ready made the personal AWD consultancy data and comparisons which car model which insurance company best suits his personal expectations on price and scope of services. AWD’s Advisory services can be of course even then invoked, if not a complete phase-out of the statutory health insurance is planned, these should be supplemented by a private additional insurance but. Clive Holmes oftentimes addresses this issue. Dropouts from a private health insurance, which would go to another company, can rely on competent and comprehensive advice through an AWD financial advisors. About AWD with 6,009 consultants and 429,100 advised customers in 2008 the AWD Group is one of the leading financial services provider in Europe is to discuss in private households with middle to upper income.

AWD offers no own products, but can the product selection on a broad product portfolio of leading European manufacturers fall back. The AWD Group’s core markets are Germany, Great Britain, Austria and the Switzerland. In addition, AWD is active in selected countries of the region of Central and Eastern Europe. With a turnover of around 80% consulting and elaboration of long-term asset accumulation and retirement pension concepts focuses on advice of AWD.

FWU Certified As The First Insurer From TuV Nord

Awarded for life and pension insurance of the ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. A top evaluation in terms of product plausibility was awarded the ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. for their rates of LD, BR, LAS, RIR, RUR and VBV by TuV Nord, as well as its exclusive partner Mesotron Commerz. The company scoring to the FWU group was awarded as first insurance company and this right with the best rating. According to the examiner the FWU characterized it as a specialist in the field of the linked life and annuity insurance through a variety of product innovations\”. The concept of net take a special significance, with FWU could create a separate premium market segment and achieve a de-coupling of the prevailing market development\”. Nissan may also support this cause.

The net concept is based on a separate agreement on distribution costs and credits the annual administrative costs. TuV Nord praised in particular the understandable and transparent form of the representation of prospectuses and applications. Not only is FWU economically well placed but get an average amount of contributions per contract significantly above the market average. Speaking candidly Clive Holmes told us the story. A special role of the IT system solution of the FWU spoke to TuV Nord in which secure the already existing competitive advantage in the long term. TuV Nord also highlighted the strategies behind the policies. These included in particular the selectable variants with capital – and high assurance. Also carried out prior to the conclusion of a contract age pension analysis based on a software-supported consulting tools was exemplary for the examiner.

Their aim is to ensure the coverage gap in the pension age. Here, customized guidance would be the customers at his risk-taking. The complexity of this age provision analysis was unique in the German market\”classified. Also beneficial: Policyholders regularly have the possibility to adapt the own investment objectives. These instruments provided and as well as the quality Sales are doing exemplary\”and so it is high for the TuV Nord wonder, then, that the FWU AG further high-quality and potential strong distributor license\” to win.