The area of the RH is the filter of the company, is the door of entrance of all the entities. In the organizacional administration the RH is constructed by collaborators throwback jerseys who are responsible for the admission, accompaniment and resignation of the employees who are entered there. She is these professionals who are responsible for the election of candidates the most important chance of the company. They choose the candidates, who possess the profile most adequate for determined position in the company, carrying through the selective methods, for periods of training, programs and too much positions. We can notice which the performance of the RH is ample, Cheap Jerseys From China acting in some sectors of the organization, being saw it of entrance, the responsible one for well-being of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses the human resources during its stay.

The RH left of being seen as simple resources with one determined ability to carry through tasks and to reach objectives of the company, clearly to start to be visas people in the true meaning of the words, values, beliefs, attitudes and /individuais objectives. The quality that the customers and companies desire resulted of the positive oakley outlet behavior of the people, and the best tool to reach the qualitative excellency is oakley sunglasses for men the mind human being. The manager of RH of today and the future integrates and equips that he shares experiences and Discount knowledge, aiming at to find solutions for vast varieties of problem. To manage people must more be than to control procedure of routines, implies in envolvement of all the members of the entity, an investment in the creativity and innovation with differentiation factors. In the world so globalizado of today, the companies need to commit themselves above all to its negotiate. Implantation of a pledged organizacional administration with quality.

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This led to a great number of workmanships aiming at consultoria enterprise and supplying prescriptions ' ' to understand and to construct to the culture corporativa' '. Inevitably, this fact led to a super simplification of the methodology. One another prominence that must be given is how much to the workmanship written for Morgan (1988), intitled ' ' Images of Organization' '. In it, the author visualizes the organizations through some metafricas lenses, which incluam machines, cultures, organisms, brains, systems politicians and psychic arrests. It showed as each lens disclosed elements different of the life of organizations and hid others. It argued that any organizacional analysis exactly that it was made by an executive head, a wholesale nfl jerseys consultant, fake oakleys or a researcher of the academic area, would need to use some different perspectives and not to be only focado in a unidirectional vision.

The author not only, provided one of the clearest vises of cultural perspective cheap jerseys in organizations, as well as its idea to use multiple lenses to see the reality had had an important impact in this area. 2.CONCEITO OF CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL 2.1.Cultura Organizacional the organizacional culture or corporative culture is the set of habits and beliefs established through norms, values, attitudes and expectations shared for all the members of the organization. It mentions the system to it of meanings shared for all the members and that she distinguishes an organization from excessively. She constitutes the institutionalized way to think oakley outlet and to act that she exists in an organization. The essence of the culture of a company is express for the way as it makes its businesses, the way as it treats its customers and employees, the degree of autonomy or freedom that exists in its units or offices and the express degree of loyalty for its employees with regard to Stadtrat the company. Cheap Ray Bans The organizacional culture represents the perceptions of the controllers and employees of the organization and reflects the mentality that predominates in the organization.

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The necessary terceirizao to be in compliance with the strategical objectives public of the wholesale football jerseys organization, which will go to disclose where points it will be able to reach resulted satisfactory (WIKIPDIA, 2010). 1,2 WORKING TYPES OF TERCEIRIZAO As Miraglia (2008) exist two types of terceirizao in Brazil, external and the intern. The external terceirizao, for is of the company, if ray ban sale of the one for the act of contract of a company third, that it starts to be responsible for the production of determined necessary goods to the achievement of the activity-end cheap oakleys of the first one. Such phenomenon is dominated terceirizao of good or services. The activity contracted for the main company is developed in the scope of the rendering company of services, which fits the integral risk of the enterprise, in the terms of the law (art.

2 of the CLT). (BRAZIL, 1943) As Degaldo (2006), what it must be clarified is that, in this hypothesis of terceirizao, the borrowed company decentralizes certain activities, and, also, the employment bond for other companies, who will go to make responsible for all the productive dynamics, will be, in fact, oakley sunglasses sale independent companies. In the internal terceirizao, the contracted company plays not essential services. In this manner, the terceirizados employees inside play the function of the contracting company, who is responsible for the direction, fiscalization on the execution of the service (MIRAGLIA, 2008). For Miraglia (2008), the terceirizao of services is most common in the enterprise way. Third it inside exerts the cheap nfl jerseys activities of the borrowed company, but it is not considered integrant of its organizacional structure, therefore it is used of the lender of services which if reputes the responsibility for the payment of its working credits, beyond the recycling, training and plan of career.

Capital Company

The company also acts in the private market taking care of sporadical customers who need the services and commercialized equipment. The company possesss contracts of maintenance of rendering of services in electronic security with contracted public agencies through licitatrios processes that they can have duration of up to five years, as Law 8.666/64. The annual invoicing of the funny company around R$ 2 million. Its region of performance is the nine States northeast, and possesss bases techniques for installment of its services, in six of them, Bahia (BA), Sergipe (IF), Pernambuco (FOOT), Paraba (PB), Rio Grande of Norte (RN) and Cear (CE) that they will be the object Cheap Jerseys of the study of the segmented reports. All the administration NFL Jerseys Cheap and management of the services are carried through by the situated matrix in Recife, Pernambuco (FOOT). 3.A administrative structure of the studied company the company is managed by the partners administrators, President and Financial Director, both with 49% of the total value of the Capital stock. The other partner, Engineer Electrician, do not have to be able administrative and manage the company in the absence of the majority partners. Beyond this responsibility, engineering Cheap Football Jerseys of projects next to the contracted customers acts in the commercial cheap jerseys wholesale area/.

The administration is centered at the hands of president and financial director, where the economic information of the group withhold all financial. MINTZBERG (1995, p.102) defines centered structure: ' ' when all the power for the taking of decisions is in one alone place of the organization, in the end of the accounts at the hands of one pessoa' '. The delegation of being Park able in the organization only limits the commercial area and technique, and exactly thus, for determined cases in special, they cheap nfl jerseys are determined only for the president. For if dealing with a familiar company, the decentralization is not present, a time that does not have centers of responsibility in each operational unit.