Hotel Rigele Royal

12 world records in 10 Baratas Replicas Ray Ban years – more to follow he comes not from the mountains but has no parents who had driven him to ski racing, meanwhile, the man who is a native from the Ruhr area, can look back on 12 ski world records in 10 years. The man called Christian Fluhr, is 36 years old and today lives in Munich and Bavaria. His story, whose field far away from its roots is located, is more than exceptional for an Alpine skier. Fluhr set the first world record that are marks in December 2009 for the 10th time, nonstop from the 14 17.12.1999 in Obertauern with 68:23 hours on skis. He still holds Cheap Jerseys From China this endurance record. Meanwhile, his record performance is prized for various improvements to 264 hours and the German extreme sportsman wants to know that again.

What was rather should be a PR stunt for the cheap jordans online ski area (field recording: the lift operator) in Obertauern, turned out very quickly as a sporting exception performance before, today the people Tokyo, of the Radstadter Tauern pass take their hat. Christian Fluhr will return this winter to the roots of his career. At the Hotel Rigele Royal in Obertauern, he will start the new season on the 20.11 and then retracing the world record cast for a week exclusively with the guests of the hotel. Christian Fluhr looking forward now to the time: even though there is now no longer the T-bar lift, which at that time was 2 nights over the first for me, I will come again and again at the Rigele Royal on the Tauern pass. Somehow it all for me there cheap ray ban sungalsses began at that time. If someone profezeiht had me at that time, I would have explained this person for complete crazy what would result.\” On 17 December 1999, rose Fluhr after discount oakley more than 68 hours of the ski and had screwed so that the previously existing record (60:21 h) the Canadian ex-World Cup racer Ed Podwinsky significantly upward.

Commission Victor Manuel

Singer-songwriter and member of the Board of Directors of the SGAE has no doubt of the innocence of his companions. It announces the creation of a Management Committee to remove all work forward formed also by independent people. It is a member of the SGAE that appear this afternoon to explain to the press the line of action of the new management team. Luis Cobo: The whole Board should resign, including Teddy Bautista. Jose Neri was thus paid the SGAE their millionaires illegal bonuses.

Who’s who in the corrupt plot? The origin of the operation. Victor Manuel, singer-songwriter and member cheap oakleys of the newly elected Board of Directors of the SGAE, said hours before postponing the public appearance of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, Teddy Bautista will deviate from its dome after the car of the judge of the national audience Pablo Ruz. Teddy is a very cheap jerseys wise man, I believe he will favour also, at this time and in the procedural situation in which is the theme of deviating and offer a oakley sunglasses sale profile low for his work within the SGAE, explained in statements to Onda Cero singer where Iran kisses. Victor Manuel has made these statements hours before the press conference along with their colleagues of the Board of Directors would provide mid-morning Tuesday in the Palacio de Longoria, headquarters of SGAE in Madrid, and which finally has not taken gibt place. Own Victor Manuel, Ernesto Caballero, Imanol Uribe, Caco Senante and Juan Ignacio Alonso will be the members of the newly elected Board of Directors of the SGAE to explain at 17.00 h on Tuesday to press the line of action of the new management team. The hearing was postponed as a result of the order of the judge Pablo Ruz of the national court, that around midnight on NFL Jerseys Cheap Monday, noted the existence, in the investigation of the operation Saga, a diversion of funds plot devised by the director-general of the SDAE (subsidiary digital SGAE), Jose Neri, and spoiled by the President of the SGAETeddy Bautista. Creation of a managing Commission Victor Manuel has assured that he will create a Commission managing safely, to be responsible for removing all the work forward in the coming months and that it will probably be formed, has pointed out, not only by members of the elected candidature but also by independent people, from outside the House that overreach to society and make an opinion.

Waiting for the judicial developments in the case, Victor Manuel no doubt the innocence of his companions of the SGAE (Enrique Loras, Ricardo Azcoaga and Teddy Bautista), but acknowledge that you can not say the same of those involved of SDAE and Microgenesis (outsources it SDAE), identified as the alleged principal Cheap Ray Bans beneficiaries of the diversion of funds. I don’t know everything about Neri and I’ve always maintained an excellent relationship with him, but there seems that judge pilla cacho. On that I can not pronounce, but about our executives absolutely, he concluded. Source of the news: Victor Manuel: “Teddy Bautista offer deviate the dome of the SGAE”

Andrei Nikolishin

Dramatic tension of the match for yesterday issued a tractor and the Dynamo Riga. More precisely, Chelyabinsk themselves would make it exciting for intrigue. Fantastic start the match allowed the ‘tractor drivers “go to the lead in the three goals. It Cheap Ray Bans was island of Soviet hockey played the same tractors of the early ’90s. But what Cheap Oakleys happened then – so none of the fans who came to the scene and did not understand. By the middle of the second dvadtsatiminutki owners have already lost. Help me out a lot of time Alistratov, however, conceded four goals and was replaced by Fokine. Replace this was impossible as, by the way, because рисует in the end the third period, visitors were able to a lot of moments to solve all the problems in most of the time.

Tractor protection every now and then faltered. Again, it is not clear what did you do on the ice Lakos and Grenier. Everything was decided in a shootout. Rigans their attempts to use as something really quite unsophisticated, but the performance penalty Gusmanovym shots and Skachkov caused a storm of applause in the stands – and beautifully, and efficiently. The tractor took 2 points, but worries others … namely, the atmosphere in the team. Was not declared on the game the team leader Andrei Nikolishin (say, that it’s a disagreement with head coach).

At the postgame press conference had been raised a couple of hard-hitting order, in particular do not play with the defenders of Riga Staiger and Konev. First, according to Nazarov, did not prevent would lose pounds 8-10. A second left on their own with the Cheap Jerseys youth team. Apparently, the young student of Chelyabinsk hockey school is not eager to act under the direction of discount oakley Andrei Nazarov. These are business relations in the club League. It seems the team is wholesale nfl jerseys now far from quiet. Let’s hope that the resulting conflict will be settled head coach. And fans can once again see the beautiful game played by tractors, as was at the start of the match with the inhabitants of Riga.

General Directorate

They ensure that they will not allow the continuation of the lynching. For its part, the SUP says in another statement, which accompanies with a few photographs, that an inspector there are among the performers. They expedientan to three riot police by overreach in police charges. The professional police Union (SPP) and the Unified Trade Cheap Jordans Union of police (SUP) have argued this Friday on the responsibility of controls and agents in the facts that have led to the opening of files relating to discipline three members of the units of intervention police (IPU) or riot. In addition, the SPP have shown a video recorded by some of the participants in the concentration with which aims to dnder A the actions of the agents.

The enquiry – an inspector, a sub-inspector and an agent – are accused of serious misconduct by overreach in their functions in relation to the facts reflected in a video, which shows several police officers hitting a girl and a photographer last day 18, after the protest that took place in Madrid by the police action during the secular progress from the previous day. Cheap MLB Jerseys For the SPP, which represents mainly to inspectors and Commissioners, oakley outlet is responsible for the unfortunate and reprehensible aggressive attitude against the girl who stars in it and nobody more, so it ensures that it will not allow the continuation of the lynching of a police command. The Union makes these claims in a statement which says that not even the inspector is present at the time of the facts, and that was not aware of them until the next day to see the videos on the Internet. A stranger to the cause spectator might think that the opening of disciplinary against whom has no responsibility whatsoever is cheap nba jerseys an attempt to placate public opinion delivering scapegoats, being these, prriblemente, controls Police, adds. Meanwhile, SUP, whose affiliates belong mostly to the basic scale, said in another statement, which accompanies with a few photographs, that an inspector there is between the players and cheap football jerseys china hoped that given statement assuming all responsibility for what has been done and requesting the IPU downward. This Union, which considers that the police action that has motivated the dossiers was poorly done professionally speaking expressed their fear that the General Directorate of police choose to agents of minor Professional category to debug responsibilities. The professional hierarchy exists that some give orders and others obey them involves also responsibility for the completed actions under his command (), is not possible, unless incurred in apparent corruption of the most elementary practices of professional deontology, punishing subordinates without penalizing the responsible acting commanding concludes.