Presentation Of The Book: Green And White Stories By Fans For Fans

Bremer student Werder representative read and Bremen in the waterfront, November 2012. Football and read that both activities have to do a lot with each other, WERDER moved for life show and the BremerLeseLust on the 4th of December at the waterfront. The CSR brand of the SV Werder Bremen and the Club to the promotion of reading make their common book shall be 12 friends. Green and white stories by fans for fans”from 12:30 h on the area in front of the multiplex cinema cineSpace before. 37 Experiences by students from Bremen and the surrounding area, prominent Werder and professionals are included. Tell on over 100 pages of fun football, real friendships and of tolerance.

Marco Bode, WERDER moved Ambassador and member of the Board of the Green-whites, player, Lukas Schmitz and two students give a glimpse into the book. Read their stories in the anthology. Learn more about this with Ben Silbermann. Interested can buy the book on the spot. Bode and Schmitz also sign copies during the subsequent autograph session. The book is a result of Competition in the summer of 2012, students attended by Bremer and the Werder partner schools in the North West. With such projects we want to promote social dialogue on values and responsible behaviour”, explained Werder, Managing Director and President Klaus-Dieter Fischer the idea behind the competition. “People a platform to give, so that you can tell about their experiences, one of them”, Ulrike Hovelmann by the BremerLeseLust complements. From the over one hundred submitted stories, a jury selected the 30 most beautiful.

Also, Lukas Schmitz, Theodor Gebre Selassie, Kevin De Bruyne, Eljero Elia and Aleksandar Ignjovski contributed stories from the current Werder squad. The WERDER moved Ambassador Jan Delay and Matthias Brandt wrote the prefaces. Our common goal is that children and young people discover their joy of reading and writing so we’ll go ahead to lead by example,”says Marco Bode.

Wolfgang Bonisch Published Be Book Workshop For Negotiating Art

The negotiation expert Wolfgang Bonisch published his first book of the workshop proceedings art. Hamburg – it started with a post on Twitter on May 1, 2009: “crazy? I will write a book – from zero to levy late May. Printed mid-June – issue negotiation”. So that Wolfgang had taken Bonisch in duty, finally to write the long planned book. And with a tight time frame.

From a planned size of approximately 80 cheap jerseys china pages in the format 17 x 13 cm, was a book containing 142 pages in the format 23 x 16 cm. On the 15.06.09, Wolfgang could report via Twitter full Bonisch. The manuscript was finished. A visit to the Publisher, the author had chosen now, made some adjustments to the format. The editing and cheap football jerseys editing took time, came in between the holidays and even the book fair in Frankfurt. But now it’s time. The book is available in the trade with the ISBN 978-3-86858-355-7 Документальные for the price of 15.97. Or as an e-book for download on the page of the Publisher at the address.

The book is already the second product, the the Negotiating experts released this year. In the summer, nfl jerseys cheap his audio seminar was completed “just successfully negotiate” and is distributed online. The workshop of art of negotiation was founded in 2008 by negotiation expert Wolfgang Bonisch. It is now the main business field of W & H cheap authentic jordans Bacolod GmbH, which provides training, coaching and lectures on communication, sales, leadership and personal development since 2001. Business leaders are Heike & Wolfgang Bacolod, which also act as “The TrainerPaar” together. Wolfgang Badan W nfl jerseys shop & H Bacolod GmbH, workshop for negotiation art, Hoheluftchaussee 167, 2025 Hamburg, Tel. 040 / 42913008

Presentation Of The Book: “God In The Brain Pan

Clash of civilizations and the Remaking of world why we do not have to prove the non-existence of God the “clash of civilizations” is a term where Plitikwissenschaftlers Samuel Huntington his considerations presented in the American Journal of Foreign NFL Jerseys Cheap Affairs, he expanded it into a comprehensive theory in his latest since 1993 1996 work published order. Due to intense study I came to the conclusion, that denominations are different cultural disconnect end element above all, and a confrontation between faith and atheism. Richard Dawkins also realized it, and wrote the book “The God Delusion“, among other things, that’s why. But he finds not the conclusion, specifically to answer the question of God, he does so by referring to the scientific consensus, which he says with “an almost certainly” there is no God. The success of his book caused others to this statement to close.

You do the constant prompting from spiritual side, prove that there is no God, to a crucial question. The statement alone, and the effect that this question then seriously can not satisfy to discuss, at the end. It is true that not encourage scientists to keep hurting scientific principles with a statement. But is necessary Fake Oakleys to answer the question of God, after the living and acting God that so soft? Now, Stevens Hawkins, who Nicki is with certainty the scientific consensus, already more concrete answers this question. His statement is, he could patent the universe itself, and among other things, the universe God has not needed! It so go to get satisfactory answers, if you know where to look it has. Many people are looking for concrete answers, their worldview is hardly the reality, because it is not up to date. Mystics, believers and creationists know how to use it.

Indoctrination held permanently by denominations protected freedom of religion, and evangelize belongs to the general business. Lack of a concrete statement, I wrote a non-fiction book, the ask what each God, specifically answer can in the future. That includes to cheap football jerseys the knowledge of the real world image, as well as the knowledge, to the knowledge of the only real worldview, the question of God and also a proof that he doesn’t exist, superfluous. You can get a comprehensive picture of book and author, on this page. I recommend the book to anyone, whether a religious errand, Konfessionsfrei or an avowed atheist. It equips each, easy to understand, with the current knowledge of cosmology, and debunks the approach of the conventions when it comes oakley sunglasses outlet to how they defend themselves and their views. The presentation of the book is to find “God in the brain Pan” in the Google search, this leads to the real results. J. Staalkopff discount football jerseys Recife, 2013

The Race

The young woman survived to the slaughter and was married after much reluctance with a young warrior who took it under its guard. Small mouth is counted to it enters the few descendants of this race of brave that it when dying repassed an enormous secret that the chieftain trusts to it the final moments, but never somebody obtained to pull cheap jerseys out one alone Scavenger word of none of them. They say until they had tried to inebriate one of them to get the truth, but cheap nba jerseys said high more the loyalty of the race and the secret remains. _ Which its opinion regarding this secret? nfl jerseys cheap _ The writings nothing say. Perhaps cheap jordans online either something that has unobserved past. _ Will have some linking of this secret with the case of the commission agents? _ Everything can be possible. One counts that the Euclides little before dying walked for the streets with worried air of who wise person some secret _ How many people had noticed this concern? _ Well! I believe that one, only _ You! _ Yes! I! We had a greeting of ' ' sarava' ' , when we saw in them, since the day that we visit one candombl to eat caruru.

In that day it entered in the pharmacy of my father looking for remedy for migraine. I disdained the lack of the greeting and played, asking if he was for migraine or sinewy. It did not answer and left as if he remembered something inadivel. Not yet they were cheap nhl jerseys ten hours, when the alarm of its death was given. Nobody heard the shots, right in the center of the city. _ You commented with somebody this comment? _ Only with my father, in the other day, that advised to silence to prevent envolvimentos to me of certification. After all, I not wise person you are welcome, exactly.

Moldau Moon

No, these spaces she connected nothing more. With the Furniture, which had removed a moving companies in their absence, an action that little attention had found on all the time someone or moved out, the apartment was only an empty shell. The men had done all the work and then you pass the keys to the apartment swept. Now nothing reminded more happy and later suffering hours that she spent it. Also the special atmosphere of the rooms was derogated with the personal things of cheap ray ban sungalsses between two people.

But her no one could take their memories, thought the young woman without bitterness. Not good, but unfortunately not the bad. As quietly as she had entered, she left the apartment without even looking. It was as if she would never have been, because luckily nobody had noticed her comings and goings. Curious looks or even questions were the last thing that could cheap jerseys use them. Determined was a Jolt through her body she made on the way to her car. It was time, your projects to implement in practice, so that helped the earthly justice a little on the jumps.

Mere thought of had the look of the woman are less murky. Her eyes got a feverish glow, as he often was for mad. The author: In his novels Norman leads dark his readers and readers of famous European and American venues. His favorite subjects are the Cheap Jerseys interpersonal relationships and mysterious, mysterious events. In doing so, he combines thriller and mystery elements like and does not shy away from topics such as transmigration of souls and haunted. discount football jerseys Norman dark Moldau Moon novel Pascu-verlag, Berlin 1 Edition, 2013, 184 pages ISBN 978-3-944266-04-6 11.90 (D) / (A) 12.90 / sFr 16,90 available in any Bookstore, online bookstores and Verlag: our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old alike: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. We also pay special attention the non-fiction area, we cover a wide range of topics. “” So, our program includes a series of partly regional cooking and baking books, the edition of sunlight travel “and the book series Technic3D computer technology made easy”. Advice from other areas are also in the planning. In our programming, we 잘라 are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our goal is also to present the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects in our program. Started with Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin and we will in our program after the other federal Fake Oakleys States and regions. Contact: Pascu-verlag Nurnberger Tauentzienstr. Manjunath 13A 10789 Berlin Tel 030-217 999 19

European Economic Community

The workmanship of Saramago makes the relation of history, including passed and present. As Maria of the Alzira Pebbles that contemporary says on the space of the Portuguese romance the space of this romance it is a space where the native land notion continues to be problem above all in its last relation /presentation, that is, wholesale jerseys in the process to ask the history that vision in the ones of the one of the gift (PEBBLES 1984, p78) Another workmanship of Saramago that we can cite and analyze taking in consideration the literary speech and the description Cheap Jerseys is the Raft of Rock (1986) it constitutes exemplary face, since in this romance the author leaves to be transparent its doubts on the European Union and openly considers an entailing of the Iberian Peninsula its historically natural area of integration: Africa and Latin America. The Peninsula stopped its movement of rotation, goes down now plumb, in direction to the south, between Africa and Central America, and its form, unexpected oakley sunglasses sale who still will have in the eyes and in the map the old position, seems twin of the continents tip that it. cheap oakleys The fact of the related workmanship to come the same to the light in year where Portugal Эффект and Spain had entered into an alliance it the European Economic Community, 1986, confers it dense opposition airs the European Union.

In this Saramago workmanship problem its way, its social Oakleys Outlet context. The author discloses in the romance an alternative reading of history as a critical one to the place that Portugal occupied in the European Union. In the workmanship the vision by means of the literary speech is present the national reality of empobrecido people, been slow social and economically, only percentages of illiteracy in the Europe, Saramago seems to believe that Portugal and Spain, even so this if finds more good placed in ranking world-wide, constitutes the two sides of one same currency of little value engastada in the Europe.