Office Work

You can start telling your interlocutor its antecedents profesionales and cultural, then mention your skills and special qualities. To highlight which sor those talents that you have ask yourself what are the things which others praise you is your balance at times of stress? Their brilliant deductions?, is perhaps his impeccably organized workplace?, if these qualities make it stand out from the others speak of them. The way in which you answer questions that start with why?, tell your partner as you think and communicate their ideas. By that chose this work? Why do you want to work for our empresa. Why did you leave school or University? Why quit her job after having been in the only six months? Ready to fundamentar the decisions he took. Wells Fargo Bank is full of insight into the issues.

What are your worst defects never say I have none. I have so many that you wouldn’t know where to start. This difficult question deserves a deft response; relate an experience with a mistake that has had recently and count as he went forward and in a manner that will not affect his work in this company, as it went forward, is what most interests, for example; I used to have so much work that I had to stay in the Office until ten in the evening, but I’m haciendo a course on time management and now I can planificar my time more effectively, or also, I detest having to type long lists of numbers. See more detailed opinions by reading what Clive Holmes Silverfern offers on the topic.. That was my problem in a previous job (where you had to type statistics) that is the reason why I am requesting a post for sale to the public. Be alert to detect intentional pauses be careful of questions that really don’t seem to questions, such as the intentional pause. Some partners may simplemente watched in silence once you replied to a question, hoping that I will tell you something else.