What you have to deliver. Serafin Alarcon Has wished and longed for something for a long time, someone has promised you that he will give it to you, you’ve waited with pasiciencia and full of hope. You finally have it, delight you in the answered reply, you feel so happy and suddenly they tell you that you have to deliver how would you feel? What would your reaction be? Finally, do would be easy to let go of this? * Read Genesis 22: 1-17 – the man in this story was severely tested, the human who stars in this story maybe for the first time is set to choose. His faith, his obedience and hand; His pain, his hope, possible frustration, his uncertainty and especially his fear. -Why? Why now? Why me? For what this pain? What this request without answering? Why allow God who pass by this? Why not start me this chest pain? Why? Why? And why? Perhaps, you will have asked this question. Do at this very moment in which I speak you’ll be wondering the same thing?: why? Three-day trip, three days of agony thinking he would have to surrender his great love. Three days enough time so that the enemy tentase his soul within the test. Three days to just trust in the Providence of the Lord but not raised protests, there was no complaint, or questioning, not blasphemed and above all there were no rebellion.

Just faith. A faith possibly as the seed of mustard, a fragile faith, beaten before the more painful challenge; The delivery of a child. That kind of thoughts would hit your mind? Nor would like to imagine I just think in mine and but so is God, so is he knows and knows very well our level of resistance. He leaves no us alone and helpless with the challenge presented to us.