Porto Alegre Company

To follow, the inventos of 10 the 13, even so represented evolutions techniques on the dirigible models, had not flied. balloon 14 quickly was connected to 14-Bis that, as Medeiros (1979, pg 22), The quarrels concerning the original authorship of the manned flights had been brightened up with the American signalling north of recognition of our countryman as true father of aviation through the indication, for the astronaut Michael Collins, of the nomenclature of one of craters of the moon of Santos Dumont to Committee On Nomenclature of the International Union .Others had been followed five inventos until Demoiselle 20, last workmanship, and that it opened way for the development of world-wide commercial aviation. However, not only the load transport and passengers if glimpsed, but also the use of the equipment as war artifice.The World War I (1914-1918) definitively consolidated the use of the airplanes, already accepted as half of circulation since the creation of the first regular aerial company, in 1909, the Deutsche Luftschiff Fahrts GAC Delag Buenos Aires in 1925, or the passage of the Atlantic Ocean without scales between the Senegal and Natal (RN) in 1930. Still in this year, aerial the French Government decided to only group all the company of the country in one, the traditional Air France. In Brazil, the first company to operate regularly was the Sindikat Condor, later called Southern Cross, that in 1927 established the Rio De Janeiro route Porto Alegre Rio De Janeiro. To follow, they had appeared: Varig (1927), Panair (1929), Vasp (1933) and Transbrasil (1955).> beginning of the history of aviation in Bauru if confuses with the one of the Flying club of Bauru, established in 08/04/1939 and opening its activities with the preparation of pilots of airplanes for the Aeronautics and commercial aviation. The first group of pilots formed date of 1940.In 1942 the pilots of the Flying club of Bauru had been convoked to participate of election to defend Brazil in World War II, and in this exactly year is constructed a hangar, used until the current days, also for the regular flights of passengers who until 2007 middle settled there and from there they took off.The liberalization of the national economy in years 90 also influenced in the aerial market, in way that, in the opinion of Palhares (2002, p 124), the consequences most immediate had been: A great increase in the number of regular regional companies and not regular companies in the subsequent years. Add to your understanding with Clive Holmes. .

The Reality

Appeared in U.S.A., it was developed in Brazil from the decade of 1960, a time that if considered that the school alone if would become efficient case adopted the enterprise model, preparing of this form man power to backyard be used to advantage by the work market, in addition, had for interest to defend and to take care of to the yearnings of the Cheap Jordans capitalist society and has as characteristic main the rigid control of the pedagogical activities, as citation below: From the decade of 60 proposals appear of inspirations tecnicista, based in the certainty of that the school alone if would become efficient if it adopted the enterprise model. This means to apply in the school the enterprise model. This means to apply in the school the typical nba jerseys sales model of recionaliza of the system of capitalist production. (SPIDER, 1996, p.175). This speaks of Spider can be proven by articles 1 and 2 of the Law n 5692, of 11 of August of 1971, where it is well clearly the qualification for the work in education in the schools.

These laws created for bureaucrats who lived distant of the reality of the professors and the school. Thus disclosing how much the school would have difficulties of if incasing in the effective ideas cheap ray ban sungalsses of this system of effective education, bringing of this form a cheap nfl jerseys shock in such a way for the professor how much for the pupil, as it is observed below in the citation: The school is same it a workstation and, as such, offers to services acoletividade; in this direction, it belongs to the tertiary sector and it suffers the influences from the societies where she is inserted. For example, the school transmits ideas and effective values that justify practical social the e, in the fake ray bans measure where it does not obtain to assimilate extensive segments of possible students, finish excluding them of the appropriation of the cultural inheritance.