Sawmill is used for longitudinal sawing logs. Mainly it is used for wood processing enterprises which are engaged in processing wood, that is, it's furniture factories, forest farms and many others. The sawmill is divided into three groups. If you specify this frame, tape and disk. They all have some differences, which is quite natural – if they were not, and there was no need to share data on the types of machines. As a rule, one of the main decisive factor is the cost.

Given this fact, the band sawmill 'will be in the lead. " It is from this factor depends on the future of the man who decided to start their own business, because spending money nobody wants to waste. This sawmill is unpretentious, it will not have to equip a special room. If a small shop, you made the right choice. Now, let's look at what stages and difficulties are expected in the case if you want to open a shop for wood processing. First, you need to find a free and most importantly – a good premise. The second step is to buy equipment for your business. And the third – to hire experts.

The first and last make no trouble, but the second Let us examine in more detail. Now move on to the selection of the equipment itself. The minimum set includes trimming machine, multiparameter, and sawmill, it is desirable to tape. We now know what a band sawmill, let us consider what is necessary for multiparameter. He saws logs and planks and it is very economical, after such treatment out finished products (bars, boards, laths). Multiparameter quite cope with the daily operation, and even in two shifts. Mnogopily also vary. Price frame, though fairly high, but problems with the return on investment they have. The combination of machine and tape Multiblade sawmills will help you increase productivity and performance. And neither is 10-20 percent, and 2.5 times! Surely you will be treated to clients who require edged boards. In this case, you need the machine for trimming.

New Holland Tractors

New Holland Tractors of agricultural land, varying in engine power and weight were represented in the samples and brochures of JSC "Minitex-M". Most small tractors – a series of 66 S with engine capacity of Fiat 44,1-58,8 kW., weight machines 2270-2960 kg. Rental of construction equipment of this type available with the company 'Golden Age'. Comfortable cab – with all-round view. Counterweights installed in front of the radiator.

In a series of eight cars. Tractors Series 82 (4WD 9282; 4WD 9482) multi-purpose diesel turbo Cummins engine capacity of 195 kW 6STA8.3 (4WD 9882, Figure 4) and 6-cylinder in-line turbo engine Cummins M11 -310 (4WD 9482) with capacity 231 kW. On tractors and 4WD 9832 4WD 9882 engines are installed Cummins 14-360 capacity of 269 kW and Cummins 14-425 capacity 318 kW, respectively. Transmission Quadra Sync. 12×4 provides 12 speeds forward and four reverse gears.

Hydraulic brakes. In a question-answer forum Kimberly Kahnhauser Freeman was the first to reply. In the cab with all-round visibility provides a comfortable environment for the operator. A special system provides a diagnosis of the tractor. In the event of a beeping sound. Bus double (triple) with a minimum pressure of the earth. Machine weight 4WD 9282 more than 13,000 kg, a 4WD 9482 – almost 15 500 kg. On tractors installed computer monitoring and control systems. New Holland company known as a manufacturer of machines for agriculture and construction. During its existence the company has produced more than 1500000 cars, which are delivered to 80 countries world. In 1966 the plant began production of excavators – drenoukladchikov D-658 D-659 devices to a closed pipe drainage to a depth of 4 m. The backhoe – drenoukladchiki widely used in the Volga region and Central Asia, the Crimea and the Caucasus, where without irrigation, and therefore without draining soil, it is impossible to obtain stable yields. About 20 years the plant has supplied this technique in different regions of the country. In 1972 the plant started mass production and for more than 10 years produced Trench bucket wheel excavators ETR-253A on the basis of tractor DET-250M, designed for the development of trenches for laying pipelines of 1,420 mm in the thawed ground to Category IV, inclusive, and in frozen soils with depth of freezing up to 1.5 m. In 1975, the construction companies of the country received from the plant highly efficient technique for rapid construction of highways and airfield pavements – a set of specialized machinery DS-110, which consists of ten main and auxiliary machinery, providing high-quality performance of works on concrete slabs Highway I and II category width of 7.5 m in performance of more than 1200 meters per day. Basic car kit – profiler grounds DS-108 – self-propelled (tracked on four bogies) machine designed to lay the top layer of compacted subgrade and trim the base of the soil profile, reinforced cementitious materials. Engine power 308 kW, the width of treated band 8.5 – 10 m, the deviation of the surface layout of a given level of 3 mm. The profiler can be equipped with hinged conveyor belt-conveyors DS-98A for the dumping of cut material base and subgrade in the dump or load it into the vehicles. Pipeline Capacity 230 m3 / h, discharge height 4.2 m Services construction equipment (eg loaders work on your building site), which will carry out related work with the profiler grounds DS-108, available with the company "Golden Age".

ACS LNL Controller

The company Lenel Systems International has introduced a new controller ACS LNL-2210 to limit wholesale jerseys access through one Cheap Oakleys door, which is designed to service one or two readers Cheap MLB Jerseys of ID cards. Novelty has a network interface Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, supports the OSDP and can work as part of an integrated security system Lenel OnGuard. Due to the volatile memory of 6 MB, the controller may store information on 240,000 cardholders access and 50 000 events. Except addition, the unit has inputs for door position monitoring and request to exit buttons, and has additional outputs for lock and alarm equipment, access control systems. In memory of the network controller may be stored Lenel about 240,000 cardholders access, and configuration settings LNL-2210 and the event log to 50 cheap football jerseys 000 records, which can be used, for example, for time.

To ensure the safety information in case device is wholesale football jerseys installed back-up battery, which can be activated in case of power failure. In addition, the controller is equipped with flash memory for software upgrade ACS. The new controller Lenel can serve up to 2 readers, that allows you to carry two-way identification of visitors, both at the input and output. The device can be used with contact or contactless readers access card interface Wiegand or RS-485 most reputable manufacturers. These are models with biometric user identification, magnetic stripe Everyone readers, etc. To take full advantage of readers of various brands of LNL-2210 provides 8 different card formats. Monitoring and remote management controller and the devices attached to readers over a network Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) through the system interfaces Lenel OnGuard security using the first open standard OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol).