Southeast Asia

All of them have been settled of gradual form in the course of the last decades But beyond all these indicated aspects, are necessary to emphasize in the elements keys that the Honduran education must to implement to face these challenges like being: The depoliticisation of the educative system, to establish standards of quality of the education, decentralization of the educative units, to cause the participation of the main educative actors, and to develop to a scientific education and humanist. Speech turns out for that reason questionable the pretension highly to approach this new situation exclusively armed with traditional Populist giving without anything in return but this must happen to history, each politician must of knowledge that to continue with this form clientelista to see educative system we are condemning the future generations to be in the last places in which one talks about the quality of the education, which implies to be formed citizen by halves without the necessary competitions it stops to face a labor market every demanding and highly technological day but, puts to us to reflect on the future of our Honduras nation. Perhaps it agrees to indicate, in this respect, that the educative reforms in course, initiates in the Eighties and half-full of the ninety in numerous countries worldwide, still major or minor measured according to the cases is thought, about, in agreement with the previous scene. In fact, some of the problems that find for their effective implantation have their origin, in my opinion, to this phase angle and mainly in the lack of economic resources and a vision in the long term shaped in a plan of country since they made many countries of Southeast Asia. Indeed, the education is an ample concept that, in its original sense, designates to a set of activities and social practices by means of which, and thanks to which, the human groups promotes the personal development and the socialization of its members and guarantees the operation of one of the essential mechanisms of the evolution of the species: the cultural inheritance. From always, the human groups have simultaneously used diverse types of practices and social activities with the purpose of to facilitate to the new generations the access to the cultural forms and saberes knowledge and beliefs on the world, language and instruments to know the reality and to act envelope she, technologies and techniques, traditions, systems of values, etc. With the implantation of obligatory the basic education and, its generalization to all the population in scholastic age and its progressive extension we have achieved great success in the part of cover of the educative system in all the corners of the country, but even we have not reached another very important component like is it the quality of the education, that happens doubtlessly through empoderamiento on the part of educational, authorities and parents of family of the importance that represents the education stops to reach the human and technological development of the nation.