General Directorate

They ensure that they will not allow the continuation of the lynching. For its part, the SUP says in another statement, which accompanies with a few photographs, that an inspector there are among the performers. They expedientan to three riot police by overreach in police charges. The professional police Union (SPP) and the Unified Trade Cheap Jordans Union of police (SUP) have argued this Friday on the responsibility of controls and agents in the facts that have led to the opening of files relating to discipline three members of the units of intervention police (IPU) or riot. In addition, the SPP have shown a video recorded by some of the participants in the concentration with which aims to dnder A the actions of the agents.

The enquiry – an inspector, a sub-inspector and an agent – are accused of serious misconduct by overreach in their functions in relation to the facts reflected in a video, which shows several police officers hitting a girl and a photographer last day 18, after the protest that took place in Madrid by the police action during the secular progress from the previous day. Cheap MLB Jerseys For the SPP, which represents mainly to inspectors and Commissioners, oakley outlet is responsible for the unfortunate and reprehensible aggressive attitude against the girl who stars in it and nobody more, so it ensures that it will not allow the continuation of the lynching of a police command. The Union makes these claims in a statement which says that not even the inspector is present at the time of the facts, and that was not aware of them until the next day to see the videos on the Internet. A stranger to the cause spectator might think that the opening of disciplinary against whom has no responsibility whatsoever is cheap nba jerseys an attempt to placate public opinion delivering scapegoats, being these, prriblemente, controls Police, adds. Meanwhile, SUP, whose affiliates belong mostly to the basic scale, said in another statement, which accompanies with a few photographs, that an inspector there is between the players and cheap football jerseys china hoped that given statement assuming all responsibility for what has been done and requesting the IPU downward. This Union, which considers that the police action that has motivated the dossiers was poorly done professionally speaking expressed their fear that the General Directorate of police choose to agents of minor Professional category to debug responsibilities. The professional hierarchy exists that some give orders and others obey them involves also responsibility for the completed actions under his command (), is not possible, unless incurred in apparent corruption of the most elementary practices of professional deontology, punishing subordinates without penalizing the responsible acting commanding concludes.