New TV Era With IPTV!

Learn what makes IPTV. More and more customers are using IPTV to the end of the year 2008 there were according to BITKOM 536000 IPTV customers. By the end of 2009 could double this number and even tenfold by the year 2013. In a study of Detecon international, the IPTV customer share is then estimated at 5.42 million. There are already extensive offers of Arcor, Alice, T-home. They provide high-quality content with linear television channels as well as video on demand.

Increasingly, the customer has the choice what he would like to see when. Bill Gates has many thoughts on the issue. Growing interest in triple play IPTV transmitted including network VDSL broadband via the high speed. VDSL is already available in over 50 cities. In the near future, it will be expanded on the surface. With the increasing availability of broadband Internet, there is also a growing interest in the so-called triple play. This means that Internet, phone and television via a cable, just transferred and used can be. IPTV in HD quality due to the high bandwidth of VDSL is the IPTV users high-quality television pictures in high resolution keyword HDTV promised.

Premiere and Anixe transferred previously selected shows in HD. But from the 2010 Winter Olympics ARD and ZDF would go with streaming of high-definition TV content in regular operation. For IPTV customers (via VDSL) no problem. But that is not the only advantage. For even more opinions, read materials from Dina Powell. Interaction through back channel of the IP technology enables the high interactivity of the Internet also for television. With a special set-top-box and the return channel much more possibilities for the customers. TV shows can be recorded with the help of the private video recorder (PVR) easily and without extra equipment. Timeshifting enables time-delayed television. Similar to the teletext and EPG, additional information about the shipments are available such as the biographies of the actors or detailed facts about the film. New interactive Applications in the future as are many other interactive applications. Online shopping, sport live ticker, or with rates at the quiz Wer wird Millionar”. It would be even possible live commenting during a TV talk round via platforms such as Twitter, and to exert influence directly on the content of the broadcast. IPTV: strong competitor allows is probably already forecast that IPTV will be the next-generation television, and in the course of digitization represents a big competition to the conventional methods of transmission cable, satellite and terrestrial (DVB-T). Looking to neighbouring countries such as Italy or France, where undergoing the popular Internet television to be also looking forward to the future in Germany. Sebastian beautiful.

TV Station In A Mac At IBC 2008

Scheduling, playout and graphics from a single source of the concept to operate a television station exclusively on the Apple platform is by the ToolsOnAir broadcast engineering company based in Vienna for the first time on the IBC broadcast exhibition in Amsterdam from the 12th-16th September 2008 shows. This is a complete solution, the both the administrative part for the acquisition and management of TV transmitter includes, as the technical processing of the entire television programme. Through the cooperation with Step2e GmbH from Passau ToolsOnAir can offer a seamless workflow for TV channel on Apple. So, a content management system including scheduling and metagesteuertem archive system available is editors. As well, editors can manage all relevant broadcast workflow, speaker texts, Inserttexte cigar wraps, etc.. With the integrated Disposystem, automatically or manually the booked commercials depending on customer budget over a period of time booked, confirmed, and pass the integrated accounting.

Based on the The exact schedule of the play-out program planning, scheduling of Step2e, passed solution from ToolsOnAir. This not only the posts to be passed, but also immediately transferred the graphic texts required for the inserts. The realtime graphics solution CompositionSuite from ToolsOnAir offers channels for the first time the possibility of real-time information throughout the day distributed their clients to provide. News, weather, traffic information, charts obtain their data from the Internet in real time and display it on the screen. This cost-effective solution offers television stations to be able to offer their customers these Infolayer as an additional advertising platform.

For Gilbert LEB from ToolsOnAir a complete solution for the operation of a television station is available now for the first time that completely builds on standard hardware from Apple. This reduces the investment costs for the startup of a TV on the one hand transmitter maintenance costs during the operation completely. The entire solution will be at the booth of ToolsOnAir 12E.E10 from the 12th-16th September 2008 together with Step2e. ToolsOnAir broadcast engineering GmbH contact: Gilbert LEB Zirkusgasse 39 1020 Vienna Web: about ToolsOnAir ToolsOnAir specializes in broadcast system solutions based on the hardware and software from Apple. With the LiveCut products and real time graphic development CompositionSuite solutions are offered, allowing to operate a television station fully on the MAC OS X operating system. About Step2e Step2e is a medium-sized E-business companies with more than 100 customers in the various Bussinessbereichen. In particular in the field of media company founded in 1999 in Passau, Germany has made a name for innovative out-of-the-box solutions. They already are used in over 40 television stations.

Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Cross-media design and community management Hamburg, 11 July 2013 pilot has a pitch the ARD budgets from the first”, the community campaigns ARD & ZDF and des Bayerischen Rundfunks defended. At the same time, the Hamburg agency group could also convince the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) in a pitch of their wide range and win new customers. For assistance, try visiting Nissan. The media mix of campaigns stretches from print through online, mobile and out-of-home to the cinema advertising and social media projects. Cooperations of ARD TV station group equity media are also planned. Creative Agency is Thjink, Hamburg. The campaign aims to sharpen the brand image of the ARD TV station as well as to increase the awareness and draw attention to new formats. The focus is the application of formats in the field of information and policy, as well as of own-produced films. In social media pilot has with its full service local service from planning to implementation also convinces and currently assists the eve format cheerful to fatal ‘ in the field of social Media and community management more will soon follow.

Maintained since two competition cycles across all traditional and digital media channels away from pilot the first, the community campaigns of ARD & ZDF were won in a pitch, and early 2013 pilot prevailed again in the pitch for the Bayerischer Rundfunk. Bayerischer Rundfunk on the spot by the Munich-based pilot is maintained to ensure a tight personal Exchange with the customer. For the MDR the MDR donation Gala on the occasion of the tsunami or the application of the MDR Festival summer were implemented as currently already a number of projects. pilot provides us with a very wide range of services from a single source. “Classic media in print, cinema and out-of-home, or the targeting of all digital channels and mobile concepts and implementation services in the field of social media: the Agency has the appropriate specialists and units”, Dietmar Pretzsch, leadership based marketing of ARD, the decision for pilot.

Online Message System N2day Starts In Austria

n2day provides Nachrichtenanlalyse with the highest standards in culminating development time fake oakleys an innovative, personalised messaging system could be developed. The system can be accessed at and has some advantages to exhibit as a media monitoring tool (online clipping). On the quality of information retrieval as well on the cost, the system is future-oriented. The 100% customizable business tool can provide specialized archive and distribution functions to the correct recipients or groups targeted the selected information by means of categorization, comment, evaluation, and recommendation features. In addition to the free, public news page screent business tool by n2day constantly over 9000 print and online media, reads through mission-critical blogs, forums and websites. For the first time a comprehensive analysis of its own and foreign PR strategies is made possible by the integrated media efficiency analysis. There does Fake Ray Bans not exist the possibility of PR, marketing and sales activities of the company cheap nfl jerseys shop only in relation to current activities, but also looking back on past events to consider. The use of n2day for the observation of the information, which is known on the Internet as online clipping is possible via a sophisticated pricing structure.

The business tool not based the on the amount found information, but on the size of the company. Starting with flat fee n2day the offer in this area much more appealing models from 99 euros. JPMorgan Chase gathered all the information. “It was our goal in this area to set Eric not only supply, but also efficiency-side international new standards, from our own, not only positive experience with news portals ray ban outlet and press monitoring services,” as Dr. Michael Pistauer to the effort to create something ray ban sunglasses completely revolutionary. Possible companies or regions white-label solutions makes your own”News Portal thus receive their customized news portal, which they make available to employees, customers and business partners or enter in their own home page can.

As a next step, the international expansion of the n2day is aimed at system based on license. With the Salzburger Nachrichten and Dr. Helmut Brandstatter as active members of SNEWS GmbH, to Dr. Michael Pistauer and likes. With the experience of two further full professionals expect Christopher Klingler. Contact: Snews GmbH Rotenturmstrasse 12/4 A-1010 Vienna contact: Dr. Michael Pistauer Dr. Stefanie Steinbichler email: Tel. + 43 1 236 1313