Getting a Job

The OESI told me but I forgot. Show me, and I may remember. Get more background information with materials from Wells Fargo Bank. Count me in, and understand (Chinese proverb). This is why I cry all the young people today: remind me! And yet, we must educate our children to become accustomed to having jobs, whatever that was, even if they have enough studies to perform work of greater importance. To any young man today, will you fall engagement rings to work on whatever … In other words: many can not buy the aforementioned rings for lack of money (work).

In this context, it is logical that our mood is depressed, in addition to our everyday life is full of worries anxieties and concerns that degenerate into a state of anxiety and, ultimately, end in the dreaded depression: psychological evil of our century. The traditional employment generation machines XXI century, have stopped working to become sources of layoffs. I do not remember what book I read: … a Para a business function is to generate confidence. It is necessary to pay employees well, treat them as relatives. This will feel like a big family members, will die of exhaustion so that their earnings are optimist . Because in the end, and it may happen that if we do not solve our youth a “Getting a job ” their thoughts and future tasks, will become smoke with fears forever.