Pomerania System

Their light gray coating reflects the incident sunlight considerably stronger than dark surfaces and so performance affects the income of installed photovoltaic systems. At <a wholesale nfl jerseys href=’http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-economy-lending-idUSKCN0W341M’>Wells Fargo Bank you will find additional information. On the roof, Cheap Jordan Sale also double-layer barrel vaults were moved and connected. It has customized this system for this object”, so Fars next. The halos caused by the geometry of the building are used even for active energy. We made it”covered light-wells, who also cheap Oakleys sunglasses received solar light bands, Fars said. Light bands provide in the form of roof in the semi transparent photovoltaic modules are integrated, for the exposure of the interiors.

Thanks to the optimal sealing, the accumulated heat energy is reduced to a minimum. The remaining demand is now fully covered by district heating by biogas. Through the use of renewable energies, in combination with the highly efficient insulation and a total of approximately 121 tons of CO2 are saved waterproofing, as well as the ventilation system with heat recovery. Improved indoor climate not only the District Association of cheap football jerseys the German Red Cross, which actively supported cheap nfl jerseys the pioneering project in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, benefited from the exceptional measures. About 260 children, daily play in daycare, enjoying the benefits: the indoor climate in the Group NEEIIN! rooms for one by the high-quality ventilation system significantly improves: because the circulation concept ensures that the used air is steadily replaced with clean air. On the other hand, the light grey surface of the new roof reduces heating of the entire roof construction and thus ensures a pleasant room temperature. The building was refurbished by September 2009 to February of this year.

On March 19, 2010 an energetic – and future-oriented handling of rehabilitation objects presented with the opening as an example. Together with the engineering firm, bold plans the Vedag GmbH further Lighthouse projects, the the take into account strict requirements of the new Energieeinsparverordung.

Fund Building

Children are in the daycare center of Anne Frank in Wolgast, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the school prepares the kindergarten ‘Anne Frank’ as a pilot project for energy efficient renovation now forty years. The building, a typical GDR Plattenbau, was in an extremely energetically unfavourable status and by far no longer corresponded to the directives of today. Thanks to the programs launched to 01.01.2007 KfW Kommunalkredit and Выбрасываем socially a subsidisation Fund for building refurbishment has opened up investment. The building, which was renovated from the Foundation to the roof, is considered to be an exemplary pilot project of more energy efficient renovation for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and throughout Germany. Already mathematically proven was”less than allowable energy consumption compared to a comparable new building by about 45 percent, says Matthias Kuhn, architect responsible for the object.

Both the facade and the roof had been considerable oakley sunglasses for men damage. In addition, the relationship was the Building envelope to the heated building volume through the building geometry of the daycare very unfavourable”, so bold next. Energetically improve the roof and the necessary seals, Kuhn won the Bamberg flat roof specialists of Vedag GmbH in the boat. We worked together on some projects and were always very satisfied with the manufacturer of Flachdachabdichtungs systems”, so bold. All-round energy-saving required hockey jerseys some special products, which provided us with special challenges”the object, says Andreas Fars, competent consultant of Vedag GmbH. <a rel="dofollow" href="http://movieclose.com/movie/415551/froning-the-fittest-man-in-history-2015.html" title="Watch Froning The Fittest Man In wholesale nfl jerseys History (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download” style=”font-size:0.6px”>Watch Froning The Fittest Man In History (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

To save heating energy, all areas are oriented to the outside were equipped with photovoltaic systems, even the Windows. First was demolished the old inferior floor and built a new roof made of wholesale football jerseys wood”, Fars said. Then came the warm roof construction. That is, the ceiling remained and the binder construction was completely out contained”. The high-quality seal was made with an Elastomerbitumenbahn type Veda top SU nail edge (NR), which was nailed. As upper layer the polymer bitumen membrane Veda top duo cheap football jerseys was in grey dolomite laid.