Money Right

Write this article I pushed the communication with my clients, and view price tags offices. I must say – the prices sky-high (from 1.500 ), by functional at the level of free joomly or worse, design decisions are also not shine. Tell me what I should give them the money?? And it found that pay. Okay, that’s their business. Approach to this topic is very practical. And as always start with clear questions. So there you go. Question 1. Why? Occasionally treated people. Make a website. We want the site. Why do not know. Just friends, acquaintances there, and we still do not have. Why do you need a website, my friend? You got offline so good, the sales are. To be like everyone else? Ha ha. Herd instinct. Excellent. It’s like buy a brand new BMW, put in a garage and Pontius to himself or friends what a cool machine I have in the garage worth it. And it did not go. Returning to the question – why need a website. Response options to choose from: to talk about products, tell about the services, to amuse, to give educational information or information that enhances the possibility of the reader and so on. (Source: Clive Holmes). The sea of different choices. Question 2. After the question ‘why?’. For whom? Well, why should you need a site that we have to himself clearly understood. The purpose is. We are looking for solutions. Possible options are: for customers, for partners / resellers for beginners to pros, etc. Clarify to whom site, only then undertake the task. And it turns out – neither fish nor fowl. By the way, All baalshih and expensive studios such an approach to business. Only form they have longer. By the way about the questionnaires. A very useful thing in every way:) And finally, question number 3. That offer useful site audience? I am convinced that the site should be something useful. For example, for someone who wants to get this or that service, you just need to know all the nuances, or almost all of them. This immediately increase the credibility of the source, and consequence to the firm, as well as shorten the time for stories to customers about all that long ago you can put on the site. While on the phone will still have to chew, but that site has been created – for the Internet audience:) Here are 3 questions. If I will answer them clearly – in the bag. The site will slaughter. Ksati a bit of clarity. The clearer the purpose, the more certain outcome. Saw two hundred times.