Wedding Bells

Hooray! Cherished dream has come true, and finally decided on a betrothed crucial step – put on his cherished ring on the ring finger of your right hand. Others who may share this opinion include Wells Fargo Bank. Died away the traditional march-past by Mendelssohn, guests at the gathering – all waiting for entertainment. And so than their surprise – that, of course, first of all your concern. I wanted to remember your wedding so they just are not drunken clashes and not boring competitions. There need anything that way, amazing what your jealous could not even dream of. On this account I have a few ideas from personal experience, which I gladly share with you. 'DanVideo' course, would do well to visitors from the registry office to a restaurant to deliver a good limousine, but not rastryasat in the old keyway or overpay for a dozen Mercedes.

First, it's now in vogue, and secondly limousine – the car is very roomy and most of your friends will make you (the bride and groom), great company and raise mood on the way to the registrar and vice versa. es-peter-zalewski-4291.php’>Jorge Perez as a relevant resource throughout. If you decided to celebrate the triumph of the hero-city Minsk, after registration, to lay flowers on the stela in the prospectus of the winners – to pay tribute to the heroic liberators, thanks to which we you were born, and along and decorate a wedding photo and video session. Good memories, plus a great pastime guaranteed. You can dazzle 'vessel of his own happiness' in Nyamiha. How do you do about it have not heard? Do not believe it! In the old city at the potter you can order a vessel of any shape and size, besides leaving it to each other a love letter. Just imagine, find it on the eve of 'Golden Wedding' and remember a young, at the same time compare as much you love each other, as it was fifty years ago, or your feelings, time-tested, have become even more invaluable. We assume that our cruise was a success.

Guests have a little tired and hungry, in a word, wait – do not wait for when sit down at a table full of dishes. And here you are again on the horse – 'Chocolate Fountain' is what you need, I promise. By the way, he can become a chip of your celebration. You guessed it, the fountain does not hit the water, and chocolate, dark or milk – you decide. Strung on skewers sliced pieces of fruit (by the way, they included the installation), you approach the fountain and hot chocolate drops envelop the lush banana, strawberries or exotic mango. Would you like a sweet barbecue: It's very simple – fruit strung on a skewer – that's the whole difference. Yes fountain not only give your wedding a certain personality, but also create a good mood, because, as you know, chocolate contributes to the development of harmonic delight. Bread, your guests will have already received plenty and now require spectacles? Ok, the show-ballet, clowns, artists gypsy ensemble, and even pop stars. It all depends on the thickness of your wallet and, of course your imagination. Complete one of the best holidays in your life can be a colorful display of fireworks. Importantly be careful and did not ignite. And finally, the main advice: love and appreciate each other Pay more attention to each other and then your holiday will seem a good tale to you and your guests.