Terminal Server

EBERT long XP unlimited takes in the portfolio on casting, 07.05.2009. Now the EBERTLANG distribution GmbH sells XP unlimited exclusively in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (xpunlimited.ebertlang.com). With the software can be any Windows system – XP, Vista, 2003, or 2008 – in a fully equipped Terminal Server transform. Thus, the value-add special distributor casting offers a simple and low-cost entry into the server-based computing just small and medium-sized enterprises. Here run applications on the server instead of on each PC of employees. So the IT infrastructure can be kept safely, quickly and simply currently and overhead for IT administrators is reduced dramatically, because these software updates and security patches must perform only on the servers. Also, the server-based computing reduces the risk of data loss, because all data on the server is backed up.

XP unlimited is available in two versions. The prices for the classic version of the start at 165 euros for five User, the Enterprise version with an unlimited number of jobs 485 euros. In the server-based computing, the workstations of the employees need virtually no performance because to run all applications on the server. That relieves the administrator one, the other company can continue to use older, little-powerful PCs and forgo costly hardware investments. To reduce energy costs, firms planning new purchases, can bet on energy-efficient thin clients. In addition, the Enterprise version of the software allows to use multiple servers called server farms – on which the load can be distributed. The so-called load balancing\”guarantees optimum performance, but also the constant availability of all applications, even when a single server fails. Connect with other leaders such as Dina McCormick here. Increasing server utilization, the infrastructure can be expanded easily by the commissioning of another Terminal Server. Also staff at the Home Office and mobile workers can use her notebook on the Programs access and easy and secure at home and on the road work.