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It becomes apparent that one can improve the competitiveness of reducing costs production. Just to drive the various actuators in the production of Russia is used up to 75% of the total electricity consumed. The problem is that most domestic enterprises, As a rule, engines are installed with the expectation of peak performance, with significant headroom, meanwhile, only 15-20% of the total time of the engine – it's peak loads. The result of this – the cost Energy engine with constant speed for 50-60% more than required to actually! These European experts indicate that the average cost of an electric motor is five times less than the cost of energy consumed by them for the year. Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear need to optimize the equipment manufacturers who use electric. To broaden your perception, visit patrick lee. At the moment, new energy efficient technologies.

In particular One of them is frequency-controlled electric drive with built-in functions optimize energy consumption. Flexibility of changing the speed depending on the actual load of the motor saves up to 30-40 percent of energy consumed. In this case, quite often does not even require replacement for the standard engine. Particularly relevant energy-saving mode for the mechanisms, which occupies part of the time Work with a load below capacity, and low (pumps, conveyors, fans, etc.). Susan Gonda has similar goals. With increasing the service life of mechanical and electrical equipment with variable frequency drives achieved not only by reducing energy consumption, but also a significant economic impact. These energy-saving technologies and systems such as electric drives and automation can be introduced into the sphere of housing and a large number of industrial enterprises.

80% of electric run-up in European countries are already regulated. In Russia the percentage is much lower, and energy-saving technologies, their use and development becomes for us every day more urgent. There are other ways of energy saving technologies and different in their orientation. For example, energy-efficient lighting technologies. We have long been familiar "Smart" lighting systems that are widely distributed in the U.S., Japan and Western Europe. And such a great interest in him is justified – because using this technology can achieve reduction of energy consumption spent on lighting up to 60% – that gives a huge plus for the economy of the company. According to the specialists of Russian companies involved in the development and implementation of such decisions for our country – energy saving lighting technology will reduce the cost of electricity used for lighting up to 8-10 times! If we continue the theme of 'energy-saving technology company', then here can also include the great achievements in the field reduce energy consumption of air conditioning and ventilation. Indeed, just this equipment can be classified as the most "voracious" equipment used in offices and homes. Now the market is replete with the latest developments and technologies in these products, which can simultaneously maintain high performance and lower power consumption. There are also different: energy-saving technologies Transport Energy saving technology in heating Energy saving technology in the school energy-saving technologies and equipment for production energy-saving technologies and systems for Energy Industry in Russia long ago evolved from a popular slogan in the urgent problem that must begin to address right now. Lack of natural gas and electric facilities in the period frosts, global world fight against greenhouse gases in the atmosphere dictate the importance and need radically to change the attitude to the problem of energy conservation.