Advanced Machinery

Quality determines the quality of panels All the original elements – the film, veneer, mdf and glue. Advanced Machinery equipment, qualified personnel, which has a large supplier firms is a guarantee of high quality production of these panels. Quite low cost from five to eight thousand, a considerable variety of patterns milling decorative panels, in combination with color film and veneer determine, in our opinion, the high prevalence of panels of this species. Not to forget about the significant disadvantage – such cheap jerseys panels can not be repaired, only replaced. Certain types of veneer can be installed in areas with significant jumps in humidity and temperature, including entrance doors. For this installation option panel coated with a protective varnish on both sides. Finishing the array.

In the manufacture of panels can not be applied to anything except the natural wood. This fact underlies much the prices of such panels. But the solid appearance of ray ban outlet the panel, made from an array exceeds the rest. As cheap jerseys in all other cases, there are enough diverse selection of 'appearance' – drawings surface milling, colors, layouts, and different kinds of wood. The panels of the array can be repaired, if repairs are performed by qualified personnel.

The panels should be son installed in areas with minor differences in humidity and temperature. Finish with plastic. In our country, came to prominence four types of plastics used in the manufacture of the panels – Wholesale Jerseys a colored materials homopal, liri and sibu. – sibu presented as modern plastics with a perforated, smooth, mirrored and fake oakleys textured surfaces.