The Integrality

make it proper the same distribution. Planner, designing plans that will allow the appropriate use of resources to achieve the objectives in a timely manner. Organizer, avail themselves of this administrative process to give coherence from the integrality to different resources, place each resource in the appropriate place for the achievement of its objectives, since the social related environment, communication, emotional, among others. From intellectual regarding the appropriate information, to produce significant knowledge and from technological to avail himself of the TICs to enhance the teaching and learning processes. Advisor, to assist in a timely manner of students from different fields to make proper use of the inputs described below. Researcher, to search for new strategies, methods and resources that conform to the needs and characteristics of the educational event and its different actors.

Facilitator, to provide knowledge in an appropriate manner in such a way that it can guide Wholesale NFL Jerseys the students at the end of the process. Guiding, being a full discount football jerseys subject that clarifies doubts, it provides guidelines that help students comprehensively. Suppliers, provides resources, instructions, methods, strategies, information in a timely manner for use in the educational event. Designer, due to who should tackle the design of knowledge, strategies, assessments, mechanisms, methods, resource, among other innovators with base to the mode where unfolds for the optimal achievement of the objectives set cheap jordans online out in the social, intellectual and technological. These roles must be exercised in different areas which from my opinion are: Social technological intellectual of the Cheap Jordan Shoes following inputs: information knowledge strategies resources techniques others hope that this written product of reflection, experience and knowledge in the educational fact can contribute information that enrich the processes of teaching and learning, to become a contribution that can be discussed in the oakley sunglasses outlet light of the integrality where colleaguestutors and students can tackle it from his realities taking into consideration that there are no plots ะพ and that knowledge is dynamic and integral, i.e., that nothing is isolated from anything, which can be scrutinized from the trasdisciplinariedad, transversality not eclectic but comprehensive manner.