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As the engineer Herbert Ortner okoFEN in 1989 in Austria, founded, was his goal to develop a most comfortable heating solution for houses and apartment buildings on the basis of the renewable energy source wood. Today, the innovations of okoFEN are decisive for the industry: so developed the first automatic pellet boiler okoFEN 1994, 1997 introduced a homologated pellet heater first company and was able to present the world’s first pellet boilers with condensing technology in 2005. This ongoing investment in research and development, that the environmentally sensitive okoFEN pellet heating systems combine maximum energy efficiency with comfort control means for the customer. Because okoFEN always opts for a fully automated operation, which is designed very comfortable for the user. The pellets are suitable for use out of the approximately by means of screws Ищу or vacuum suction hockey jerseys system Camp site.

Also the ignition, modulating power adaptation or the daily cleaning of the burner is completely automated. Thus, from the cheap oakleys House of okoFEN, pellet heating systems today offer same high comfort factor such as oil or gas heaters. The basic system for pellet boilers developed by company founder Herbert Ortner is so cheap oakleys sunglasses mature and reliable, that many other manufacturers rely on it. These are either cooperation or development partner or as a licensee of okoFEN customers. As a result, the technical principle of the specialist in pellet heating systems total has Cheap NFL Jerseys a market share of over 50 percent. Despite the great success of okoFEN pellets heaters, innovation and consistent development, remain as central elements of the philosophy. So also in the future okoFEN for pellet heating stands on the highest technical level. Wholesale nfl Jerseys Company contact: okoFEN Heiztechnik GmbH Maria Jall head Lohe 2 86866 mat Wallace Tel: 08204/2980-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Sage & Write Public Relations GmbH Philipp Neuman flower 17 80339 Munchen phone: 089 / 23 980 888 email: Web: