International Speaker

The situations are neither good nor bad, nor choose to individuals. They occur as a natural consequence of existence. From the moment we come into the world, life becomes a risk. Living is an incalculable risk in some areas of human endeavor, in which although there are some aspects we can control, such as feelings, thinking as much of our behavior. On the other hand, randomness is something that is out of our control. For example, you can be About a special driver, responsible and yet is guaranteed to suffer a car accident. We can only prevent accidental events and be ready to tackle some suffering that might be unavoidable. The diseases are common realities of human nature, not a punishment of life or God for our actions.

Similarly, assets we hold, are not a reward for our good behavior. Cheap Jordans Sale We always do good, not because we hope to gain the favor of anyone, not even God. We have to do good because it is part of our obligation as a person. Human beings differ from other living beings by the ability to reason, to learn to be happy, but above all to act, the latter (acting) implies the other two. The ultimate happiness is to move, do things: to love without a doubt, is the supreme act of human life. Starting to love ourselves. We must focus our attention on the search because it was not what might be, or why I have this disease, or why if I have been a good man, I happen to these terrible things. We should instead promote a reflexive behavior (which I can learn from this situation is happening to me), we evaluate how we look at the situation is this something terrible or possess tools to get over this tragedy? should Cheap Ray Bans give us the opportunity to go in search of dignity, how this situation leads me to achieve full freedom? I urge you to continue with your dreams, to seek the good of others, has to NFL Jerseys Cheap live an ethical life, of deep and lasting satisfaction; the end of ray ban outlet the best of cheap ray ban sungalsses having a rainy day is the hope that the sun will rise early tardeo for all. Gilvic Carmona, International Speaker.