Online Advertising

During the tv broadcasts 'Euro 2008', you've probably seen ads Tiger Asset Management. In this post I will not discuss money clip, and the appropriateness of advertising services and products for narrow audiences in the media. Assume that cost of 1000 contacts on tv $ 2 (about this znamenosets wrote in his blog). Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Assume that the cost of 1000 contacts at specialized sites (, etc.) – $ 15 per 1000 contacts. The level of response advertising on tv for specialized products will be at 1 in 10 000 (ie 0.01%). Response rate on the banner Cheap Jordans on the site, we take 0.5%.

It's not just blur the audience, but in that 30 seconds is not ray ban outlet enough to make a choice in favor of such a product as a management company assets. Even if you repeat this movie dozens of times a person will not increase confidence in the company they need to trust the tens of thousands of hryvnia. Consequently, the cost per response (cost per response) will be on tv – $ 20, and the Fo-ti-tieng Internet – only $ 3 The same effect can be achieved for the mass consumer goods, zdisnyuyuchy 'bombing' banners Cheap Football Jerseys portals with millions of audiences:,,,, .ru,, and at a comparable cost of 1000 contacts, the cost of reviews (transitions to the site) will be a fraction. Add to this the time (4-8 minutes) that a person spends in an interactive dialogue with the brand. Now you understand why the uk spending on Internet advertising will cheap oakleys sunglasses draw level with tv ads (Reuters) this year?