The Tangible

To construct a community where the social envolvimentos have the ability, the freedom and the will to be reached surprising results. The motivation to participate of a true process of leadership involves persuation and inspiration in an environment of respect and equality, dynamic and in constant mutation. In certain circumstances, a traditional order can be modified cheap jordans online by the transforming action of a leader. Its personal qualities, charisma and confidence can modify the society, to the measure of its power to agglutinate and to lead followers in the direction of its faith, of its vision. The command is made by means of the leadership, exerted through the communication, of the persuation and in social relations with rules that delimit the power and compel the leader to ahead justify its acts of led its. The leadership, exerted in a relationary and motivacional context, requires flexibility, capacity to hear and vision of future in environments where ethical values, that make solid the relation between led leaders and, in search of common objectives predominate. The organizacional culture is developed from estimated values and transmitted for the leaders to the group. In case that the group well-is succeeded and the estimated ones if Cheap nba Jerseys they become unquestioned, the culture defines, for the next generations to members, the type of acceptable leadership.

The human being has the power of the ray ban sunglasses sale choice freedom, the free-will and the cheap jerseys wholesale knowledge (know-how), its bigger patrimony, essential for the survival of the organizations. The tangible patrimony of property and machines quickly loses space for the intangible patrimony of the information and increases the power of its picture of employees. The great world-wide corporations preserve and develop its picture of employees, therefore they vendem essentially knowledge and they had perceived that this belongs to the human being. The raw oakley sunglasses sale materials of the global economy are not more only energy, mineral resources and hand of workmanship, but Tornitura information, knowledge, communication and copyright.