Return Dragon Ball

The news pump web announced Bleeding Cool, according to NFL Jerseys Cheap the author of the web publisher Shueisha would have convinced the master mangaka Akira Toriyama to return to work in the Dragon Ball manga, completed 15 years ago, to create a new venture that would not necessarily be a continuation, could also be a reboot of the franchise with another story. Apparently, everything would be partly due to a oakley womens sunglasses strategy to promote the Dragon Ball Online MMO game that will be released soon. That reliability is the rumor? Since watching the biography of Rich Johnston (the owner of the website that filters the news) does not seem to be a mindungui which is invent rumors to win visits on the Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys web. Furthermore Akira Toriyama is Cheap nba Jerseys quite active lately, 2 years ago has already created a new Dragon Ball OVA to celebrate the 40 th anniversary of Shonen в Jump and has published several one-shot. Furthermore, imagine that year that comes acabese Naruto and Shonen Jump will stay without one of its star does would not be the return of? Dragon Ball the perfect pitch for the magazine? I personally hope that if returns Dragon Ball is not a continuation of the Buu saga and a restart of Dragon Ball Z, but with the original hockey jerseys approach of Dragon Ball, lots of humor and nothing of saiyans.