Southern California

Many of us have been confused by the recent news about the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the society after years of being harassed to use sunscreen. Supposedly, all enrichment in cheap nfl jerseys elements such as the milk went to ensure that almost everyone was receiving enough vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in the formation of healthy bones. Generated in our body as a reaction to sunlight. Suddenly, vitamin D, which was once regarded as very common, is one of the major health problems of modern medicine. People performs tests for levels of vitamin D at an unprecedented pace.

What is so important in vitamin D? Vitamin D can actually be one of the most important nutrients for healthy body and mind. In fact, vitamin D helps to fight cancer. cheap nfl jerseys shop It also knows it is important to prevent autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease and a variety of infectious diseases. But, for the purposes of this wholesale jerseys article, the correlation positive between obesity and the deficiency of vitamin D has been discovered recently. A study on the women who live in Southern California, which is popular for its sunny life.

Which took advantage of the sunshine and obtained a lot of vitamin D were found to be much thinner which had a deficiency of vitamin D. Indeed, even controlling other factors such as age, a deficiency of vitamin D by itself seems to have been correlated with an increase of 16.3 lbs of weight. Most of us would agree is a significant difference in 16.3 pounds. But there is more about the peso-vitamina correlation (d) that only the outdoor mass. Those who had higher levels of vitamin D also tended to be higher. This supports and even extends previous scientific studies about the importance of vitamin D for bone growth and health and well-being. In addition, seemed to those who conducted the study strange that so many young women succeed in having a vitamin D deficiency living in an CASTORAMA area so sunny. Could this be the result of both sunscreen? It is too early to say so, but many in the field of cheap nhl jerseys health are recommending at least 15 minutes of exposure to the Sun without sunscreen every day. Of course, before this step you should consult with your doctor and ask to check your levels of vitamin D. may your doctor also want you to take a vitamin D supplement, particularly if you live in an area nfl jerseys cheap rich in sunlight. In general, vitamin D should be taken in high doses in combination with fatty foods for optimum absorption. Once again, consult with your doctor about this.