Russia Insurance Association

As a result, insurance corporations 'economize' millions of rubles .. Reasons for denial of reimbursement by insurance arise if the accident involved a number of cars and have the opportunity to identify the culprit, not one, but 2 or 3 drivers. Too often people think an accident insurers disputed, if it occurs close to the market, shopping mall or supermarket. It is given the stamp referred to as the inner area, which also becomes a motive for the refusal. An accident on the highway with a car worth no tail lights – is in the same series. This is due to imperfect legislation. In fact, to invoke the responsibility of the insurer bad faith on the basis of his articles, that is almost unreal.

As experts said, have disappeared from the market corporations 'Russian insurance tradition' and 'Zenith' created seven versions of standard bounce. Announcing bankruptcy, the corporation now left the market. Henceforth, under the law for them to pay for 'avtograzhdanki' should Russia Insurance Association. Corporations have left the market, but their vicious practices used are different. And why should not I use it? After all, no one exposed to punishment, and not forced to answer. No wine, but the chance to earn – enormous.

However, non-payment of insurance for damage today are not only the owners of policies on compulsory 'avtograzhdanki', however, and Hull. Alex told Algazin, in their experience there more such cases. Since Omsk people were buying cars on credit. A loan from the bank requires insurance CASCO issue, costing the buyer 5% of cheap fake oakleys the price of the car. People diligently pay interest, but in the case of an accident are often neither nothing. Even corporate clients are not immune from this. Here are the latest examples. In the фильм accident, people lost their lives. Truck imported, in any way they moved, was insured, but had a trailer, which was subject to denial of reimbursement. The insurer refused to indemnify, referring to the fact NFL Jerseys Cheap that the driver is not required category. And though such a claim without foundation, the truth of the victim had to prove in court. More One car owner, who because of rain crashed motor vehicle refused on the grounds that it was not an accident. But Hull policy, in theory, the policyholder is obliged to ensure compensation of cheap jerseys almost at any developments. Major cause of cheap jerseys china failures in the wrong payments are usually intricately drawn up contracts of insurance in which the list of Cheap Oakleys insurance claims is very narrow, and the number of possible reasons for rejection exceeds all bounds. Prove their right to compensation in such cases it is the characteristic hard. As said lawyers today to download the rights of buyers of insurance maloporyadochnyh brought so often, that some insurance corporations simply register in the courts – and they are full already allowed to open branches here.