Northern Cyprus

As for buyers and investors – here the views and actions also divided: those who believe that prices in Northern Cyprus in the near future time will grow actively engaged in finding and cheap football jerseys buying a suitable property, opening businesses in Northern Cyprus, the search for profitable investment projects … more cautious – frozen in the position of watching and waiting. It is clear that prices in the south and north of the island are different "at times" and will inevitably come a time when they catch up, but when? Maybe tomorrow? Why are people so eager to live in Cyprus? Practically every tourist who visited at least once in North Cyprus, is envisaged as a minimum, the LEADERS acquisition of housing here. It's no secret that the price for property in North Cyprus is several times lower real estate prices in Russia and, in practice, than in all countries Mediterranean coast resort. The Cheap Ray Bans prices here are not growing leaps and bounds, but rather slowly and surely moving up, while remaining more stable and less amenable to the influence of crises, or other factors. cheap China Jerseys

And despite that the long-awaited decision negotiations already, apparently, no wait, selling property in Northern Cyprus has markedly increased, and continues to gain momentum. British, and, more recently, the Norwegians, move to North Cyprus, where buy cheap in relation to the UK, real estate and enjoy retirement years in the sun, the gifted country. It is true that in the last year the inflow of migrants from the CIS countries discount football jerseys have successfully swells the ranks of the inhabitants of the north.