Target Market

Late components also form the majority 34% of the target market. It group of people who usually are skeptical about the changes and innovations taking only after the most experience in their own lives. 'Late', constituting 16% of the target market, make a purchase last. They usually closely related to the price and distrustful of any changes are limited to traditional views, and conservative. So, after going through all the stages of work on the right wing of a butterfly, we get a portrait of our customers, will identify unmet needs, then discover its behavioral characteristics. The main characteristics of consumers turn to the left wing of the телевизор butterfly – the information on this product. Begin with an understanding of the work necessary to TSS – unique selling proposition, or unique features of your product that you want to tell your customers.

Theory of a USP for a long time was considered the most important factor in the success of the goods. Today, in an era of high-tech manufacturing, it is difficult to maintain long-term technological uniqueness of its product. The main competition today is not at the fake oakleys level of the goods, and not even at the level prices Fake Ray Bans (in the developed markets), cheap oakleys and at the level of brands. In practice, the competition takes place at the level of philosophy of goods, including at the level of advertising communications. That is, the TSS can be treated as a unique positioning. TSS – Targeting a unique product groups (such as beer 'Klinskoe', which was paid advertising communication to the youngest audience of consumers of beer or products under the cheap nfl jerseys shop brand name cheap jerseys wholesale 'Ginger Up', in which advertising (packaging, R0S-materials, etc.) – oobraschenie to an audience of children).