Windows Vista

Even in the Windows Vista operating system from Microsoft has been included or UAC mechanism managing user accounts. These blackout screen irritates many users, it was not possible to disable it, and to Besides, UAC then cheap jordans online functioned not entirely correct. With the release of Service Pack 1 is an opportunity to turn off UAC-control. In Windows 7 UAC has been finalized and there were some settings. The new operating system came the ability to disable this control, many users have done so and have long forgotten what it is. They did it right from the convenience, but not by security.

Let nba jerseys sales me explain why: according to statistics, most Windows 7 users logged in as administrator and it is a very unsafe, because the administrator is practically not restricted in their rights and that attackers are actively using to spread their Trojans and viruses. How can isolate the user from the system? Just for this purpose and serves as a UAC. Any attempt to access system files, services, and the roster will be locked and may receive a box that #1 asks Users have to do. With Windows 7, is available all four levels of alerts UAC: The highest level – warning oakley sunglasses cheap if any cheap authentic jordans attempt to modify system settings and files, as well as installing software obespecheniyVtoroy level – warning only when you try to modify the system configuration and settings polzovatelyTrety level – warning only when you try to make changes to the system konfiguratsiyuChetverty level – a complete shutdown UAC. Included and correctly configured UAC can block up to 90% of threats, so that its use is indeed justified in terms of security. Recommend more detailed acquainted with the mechanism of the UAC and still keep Baratas Replicas Ray Ban it running for at least minimum settings.