For Miraglia

The necessary terceirizao to be in compliance with the strategical objectives public of the wholesale football jerseys organization, which will go to disclose where points it will be able to reach resulted satisfactory (WIKIPDIA, 2010). 1,2 WORKING TYPES OF TERCEIRIZAO As Miraglia (2008) exist two types of terceirizao in Brazil, external and the intern. The external terceirizao, for is of the company, if ray ban sale of the one for the act of contract of a company third, that it starts to be responsible for the production of determined necessary goods to the achievement of the activity-end cheap oakleys of the first one. Such phenomenon is dominated terceirizao of good or services. The activity contracted for the main company is developed in the scope of the rendering company of services, which fits the integral risk of the enterprise, in the terms of the law (art.

2 of the CLT). (BRAZIL, 1943) As Degaldo (2006), what it must be clarified is that, in this hypothesis of terceirizao, the borrowed company decentralizes certain activities, and, also, the employment bond for other companies, who will go to make responsible for all the productive dynamics, will be, in fact, oakley sunglasses sale independent companies. In the internal terceirizao, the contracted company plays not essential services. In this manner, the terceirizados employees inside play the function of the contracting company, who is responsible for the direction, fiscalization on the execution of the service (MIRAGLIA, 2008). For Miraglia (2008), the terceirizao of services is most common in the enterprise way. Third it inside exerts the cheap nfl jerseys activities of the borrowed company, but it is not considered integrant of its organizacional structure, therefore it is used of the lender of services which if reputes the responsibility for the payment of its working credits, beyond the recycling, training and plan of career.