Community Manager

They manage a gallery of applications to install on Facebook and that can help you in improving your Fan Page. I recommend that you check the applications: YouTube Channel, Promotion Gallery, Flickr, Twitter, PDFs and Poll. Wholesale NFL Jerseys 6. Static FBML: it is perhaps the most basic option to customize your Fan Page, you can add custom tabs or small boxes on your Fan Page with specific information. The разных only thing you have to do is select the application Static FBML on Facebook and add it to your pages, then customize. 7. Added value: within applications you will find some that allow you to provide an added value to your Fans, for example: you can create and share content so that only your fans can view it, as well as creating promotions and discounts.

8 Communication strategy: not just create a page and wait for fans to come to her. It is necessary as all means of communication may have a strategy. Check out this article on 5 elements to make your Fan Page successful. 9 Facebook Notes: with this application you can generate an automatic update of oakley outlet your content posted to your blog or website via the RSS subscription. Each note published allows fans to participate through their comments.

10 Cares for the Fan Page: after creating your Fan Page should give follow-up to the Fans, the content and stay active in it. Remember that Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys it is a communication channel and you must learn to listen to the opinions of the participants, for the companies and brands is a feedback channel where you can find many opinions to improve their product or service. Remember that pages on Facebook can help you improve communication, businesses and brands are using them in various ways and up to a professional profile for those who are in charge of your social accounts the famous Community Manager has been created. Perhaps you did not but if 50% of Wholesale Jerseys your time will pass more than sorry by analyzing data from social networks in your company you’ve become in charge of social communication of the same and ideas about strategy, oakley sunglasses cheap advertising and communication are valid and indispensable.