Getting Customers

We can say that in times of prosperity, when the economy grows and expands, outsource some activities of our business, hiring a virtual Assistant or other professional services is something natural. However, what happens in moments in which things are stopped, and we are facing problems to get clients? We sharpen the pencil and evaluate how reduce expenses for effectively using the resources we have available. If you’ve not considered virtual assistance services, it’s time to do it! The virtual assistants contribute to the growth of your business and collaborate in activities that allow you to get new customers and retain existing customers. Below, you will find some tasks in which a virtual assistant can add value to your business. When resources are scarce, we must assign them to the activities that contribute to the increase in turnover. Here you have 3 specific activities that you can develop together to your virtual assistant who, as entrepreneurial independent, provide ideas and actions to achieve new clients: conduct surveys to your target audience or niche: this not only allows you to obtain relevant information about your potential customers but also expose you to them.

Carry out some basic competitive intelligence: will allow you to know that you are doing your competition, specific activities to communicate their services and attract new customers, etc. Exchange ideas (brainstorming) on possible actions to: attract new clients develop new products carry out promotions prioritize activities interesting thing of having a virtual assistant on your computer is who, like you, she is also an independent professional – one enterprising – and experiencing your same challenges. He has experience and will share with you to help you achieve your goals more easily. As an entrepreneur you probably very well understand the value that can add a colleague or, if applicable, an experienced virtual assistant – when making decisions in your business. The questions that many times we do the Virtual Assistants allow our clients think about your own business.

Moreover, in my experience, the session of brainstorming that I often do with my clients add us value to both and allow us to properly prioritize activities carried out to achieve the objectives set when we started to work together. Other activities that can perform a virtual assistant to spread your activity and, therefore, get new clients are: create a free product for those who visit your site in Internet create and manage a newsletter or e-newsletter that allows you to keep in touch with people who visit your site create, maintain or update your blog create products or materials for presentations, e-books, courses, etc. Write and publish articles on your blog open your profile in the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to register your site in search engines and directories publish free ads in classifieds sites spread your articles to directories of articles because we have a short list with which you can begin to develop a plan with concrete activities that contribute to the spread of your business or service. Also know now that you have this valuable resource available to the virtual assistants that can collaborate with you is towards expanding your business and offer solutions that allow you to get new customers. Taking action: a virtual assistant in addition to your computer and starts today same delegate.