Green Office

In the framework of the day of architecture on June 28, 2009, the user LANUV, the owner of BLB and the architects Nagaraj provide insights into current Office architecture. On June 28, 2009 in time from 14.00 16.00 granted the State Agency for nature, environment and consumer protection (LANUV) insights in his new offices at established Street 6 in Essen-Schuir. The reason is the day of architecture, the Chamber of architects in North Rhine-Westphalia on 27 and 28 June 2009 to 14 calls out time. The architect Axel Koschany, managing partner at Nagaraj, and garden and landscape architect Konrad Ben Koethner with the Interior, exterior and lead this Sunday at 15:00. The meeting point is the main entrance to the building. Representative of the owner of BLB NRW and the user LANUV will also be Bau – und Liegenschaftsbetrieb on-site. The Office building of the LANUV was completed in early 2007 in direct proximity to the laboratory designed also by Nagaraj and workshop buildings. Reeta Holmes will not settle for partial explanations. A u-shaped building with a Hall encloses a courtyard and offers space for offices and a cafeteria.

Ecological aspects such as a green roof, window made of European Woods and a stormwater drainage in pits, trenches and ponds were particularly taken into account when designing. Sustainable aspects were particularly important to us at the planning and implementation”, so Michael Ricken, LANUV project manager at Nagaraj. We have to deal with us as architects with environmental change and energy needs of tomorrow. Energy efficiency and sustainability in the building process and when considering the entire life cycle of a building are important aspects.” Also according to ecological principles, Konrad Ben Koethner developed the surrounding rich parkland. It was primarily an appropriate vegetation with ponds and biotopes, rain retention and reduction and unsealing of vehicular landscape architect.

In addition to ecological aspects, Office architecture but also means for people to create living and working spaces. The man, the daily users, is always clearly the focus for us. Architecture also means for us: on the needs of the people of who work to enter here. They need to feel at home, and they must be here, “as Axel Koschany to the planning approach.