Intercultural Differences: Germany Hungary

The influence of culture-related differences on the german Hungarian business communication falls meet people from two or more cultures, is not enough it oakley sunglasses for men openly and without prejudice to approach strangers, or to master the language of the foreign country. The reason for this is that our entire perception and information processing using habits of thought and interpretation patterns is done which has built up our culture in us. PayNet is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Different cultures are characterized by different orientation systems, i.e. more or less different action Executive mindsets, values and expectations of normality. The perceived response followed therefore conduct appropriate to and behavior patterns, which can differ widely depending on the culture. So it is often tension in the communication or to their demolition. Because the own cultural orientation system is applicable for each party and this is flexible if at all only up to a certain threshold of tolerance.

From this threshold from the acceptance of differences is dwindling. It also the danger, to judge members of other cultures by means of stereotypes, which conveys the cultural environment, and whose Richtigkeit is usually not empirically validated. As a result, it grabs too quickly to the national character\”as a justification Fake Oakleys for the difference. This is for interpersonal contacts just as harmful as return culture-related differences on mostly negative, personal characteristics of the person. The previously described problem fields of intercultural communication affect the cheap ray bans perception of the strangers. Linguistic level can be identified as another level of intercultural misunderstandings. But also here the source of critical wholesale jerseys situations not the different language of the foreign Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses culture often represents, but the ignorance of the culturally distinct world knowledge and experience horizon, which is reflected in the language. Except the above potential sources of danger more effect the communication at the meeting of the German and Hungarian culture, annoying and aggravating Factors. Germany and Hungary have although historically traditional ties to each other, were Support however until the early 1980’s by the iron curtain\”separated from each other.