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Many people who have never had to deal with the creation of sites and the registration of their names, do not know what a domain name and domain name, what are the domains and to whom they really belong. Domain name domain name is an sequence of words that users type in the address bar of your browser to visit your site, but that is not a valid address of your site on the web. Domain names are attached to the system server Domain Naming (DNS), which are used to translate numeric addresses (known as ip, or Internet Protocol, addresses) into words. Every site you visit on the web, but his name has a numeric ip address, which is the real address of the site on the Internet. Traditionally, domain names are classified according to their extensions, which are the identifying codes of domain names. The three most popular types of domains Higher Level (TLDs) v is the domains that are not tied to any country:. COM: Short for. Commercial, which means commercial.

Domain names with the. Com by far the most popular names of the other and can be purchased by any individual or company. . NET: Short for. Network, which translates to a network. Originally, this domain extension was created for technical Web sites. However, domains using this extension can be registered by anyone.

. ORG: Short for. Organization, which means organization. This name was intended for non-profit organizations and other organizations that do not expand. Com or. Net. Currently, the domain name extension. Org may be registered by any individual or kompaniey.Domeny countries Domain names can be assigned using country-specific extensions. Each country has its own domain extension; Russia, for example, uses an extension. ru, the former Soviet Union – su, and Ukraine -. ua, Moldova -. md. Most countries have rules, where exactly is described, who can register domain names using this extension and for what purpose, and therefore it is important to study the subject before you do anything. Alternative domain names of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization responsible for administering the top-level domains throughout the earth ball, recently approved several new extensions that are not assigned to any particular country. Among them:. Areo. Biz. Coop. Info. Museum. Name. extension was created for a particular purpose and has certain limitations. Although expansion. com,. net and. org is usually on everyone's lips and mind, this is not the only expansion available for use. From a functional point of view of domains of work just as well as any top-level domain, and alternative the extension works just as well. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a mediocre tld when you can find the best with another extension.